The week in Cat-Tales

January 18, 2010

It was a big week backstage for Cat-Tales. Reviews and emails were coming in for the last chapter of Do No Harm, along with questions for yesterday’s chat (more on that later) AND there some java updates to fuss with underneath our pretty chatroom to make sure it would actually work as good as it looked. The thing you have to watch about third party java add-ins like that: most programmers are very good at what they do, but a few make software like Orlando makes football fields. Looks real nice until you actually bring in a few teams to play a game, then it’s a mudpit. (And okay, this has nothing to do with Batman, Catwoman, or writing, but WTF?! Did they seriously spend however many millions it takes to build a stadium without it dawning on any professional architect or builder that sooner or later it was going to RAIN??? I mean. it’s not like we’re talking about some rare, biblical weather that only happens when the Comet Kohoutek passes through. It’s rain. Clouds fill up, they dump water on us. I’ve been to Florida, there are no deserts there. How can they not know?)

All right, sorry. That’s been building up since the Capitol One Bowl. Lot of Penn Staters in my speed dial, and the ones that aren’t wondering why our bailout money is being used to sponsor bowl games are bitching about the mud flats of Orlando, Florida. Moving on.

While I was prepping for the chat, I was also starting work on Don’t Fear the Joker. I’m happy to report that Chapter 1 is now ready for the proof-and-polish dance and with any luck will be out in a few days.

The chat… wow, we had a blast. There were great questions about the fic, little bit of silliness, a recipe for lemon sheet cake, trips to Wikipedia, and I even found out what that stuff is inside Twinkies. However, I couldn’t put a dent in the pre-submitted questions. I knew that going in, there were just too many this time around. But I’m hoping to answer them in the forum when I post the transcript. When exactly will that be? Eh, stay tuned. There are a lot of questions to get through.

But it is a long weekend, so I can probably get more done today than I would on a regulation Monday. Wish me luck.

Chris Dee

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