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February 8, 2010

It was quite a week for Cat-Tales.  Rolled out Chapter 2: More Cowbell – a chapter title I had decided upon back when I was still running around Atlantis wrapping up Demon’s in the Details.  The response confirms what we all knew:  Joker is a draw, he gets everybody worked up and speculating like mad.  Joker and Scarecrow playing off each other is – well, I’m not going to say “comedy gold” because Jocular Jack can take phrases like that the wrong way, but the pair of them do crackle on the page.

I’m still getting a few emails and IMs about Sherlock Holmes and chapter 1, and I’ll remind everyone that if you don’t want to go see the movie, a few relevant clips are online and posted in the forum.  It’s not the same, of course, but it’s better than nothing.

I also put in a little time on that TBA I mentioned a few weeks back, which is still eligible for a March release for the anniversary, scheduled “in very light pencil,” as my favorite stage manager was so fond of saying.  Too many if/thens I can’t control to really commit to it, however.

Speaking of, my love-hate relationship with technology continues.  I’m the happy recipient of a hand-me-down mp3 player.  Wasn’t something I was ever interested in, but the previous owner of this one upgraded to video over Christmas, and he passed the old one along to me.  Now I can have my books on tape roam around with me.  I can’t imagine using it for anything else.  So that’s the love part.  As for hate, I’ve made no progress at all with those last two steps that will get me completely settled on the one laptop.  I would have got there by now, except my phone decided the other electronics were getting too much attention.  So it’s on the blink now.  Grr.  Some days, these things are honestly more trouble than pets.   However, even if we’re not completely there yet, life is SO MUCH BETTER now that all my web and graphics software is under one roof.

The weekend was spent catching up on some reading and a few other things that have nothing to do with CT.  Work on chapter 3, as well as that TBA, resumes today.

Chris Dee

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