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February 15, 2010

I’d say the biggest public development for Cat-Tales fans last week was this fantastic Just-in-time-for-Valentine’s Day piece by DC artist Dustin Nguyen, that JoannaC chipsnopotatoes brought to our attention (sorry about that, Chips):

i can’t stay long by *duss005 on deviantART

DC Pros, wherever you may be, that’s what pleasing readers looks like. Just in case you were wondering about that strange reaction beneath the image, where the DA readership wracks up 30 pages of enthusiastic commentary on the couple, the costume, and the twitch-smile, where they’re setting record numbers of favorites, Facebook shares, Diggs, and downloads. Your predecessors experienced this – well, not the Facebook part, obviously, but the lack of rocks and rotten eggs hurled at their heads. That’s the result of making the audience happy instead of alienating them. It’s actually a pretty good feeling, just in case you want to try it some day.

But back to Cat-Tales, eh? Our own Thundering Monkey released the picture for his Batverse calendar:

Poor Harley.

And me? Nothing visible accomplished this past week, but an extraordinary amount happening behind the scenes Some work done on the TBA, and I got some unexpected help and support on that project from someone who I haven’t seen in months. Some of you guys are so kind and generous, it’s just unreal.

That said, the TBA is now officially a no deadline affair. For the best of reasons: A friend and client’s book is now officially speeding towards publication. He has battled with the crap economy and he has won. YAY. That does create a fair amount of RL work for me which takes precedence over the CT stuff. But of all the reasons I don’t mind postponing a CT project for a few weeks, this is the best. A man of ideas getting his ideas out there into the world to rise or fall on its merits, that’s the alpha and omega for people like us. That’s how the system is supposed to work, and every time it actually does, the sun shines a little brighter, the birds sing a little sweeter (which is nice for us and it really annoys the life-is-shit Miller crowd, so win-win)

Anyway, that’s the week in review. Today, I can finally return to writing the chapter. Meow and Huzzah.

Chris Dee

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