This week in Cat-Tales: Joker vs. The Outline

February 22, 2010

You know, there’s really nothing like writing Joker. Any other tale, I’d be here saying I had a finished chapter draft, it was out for beta, and we could expect it to be posted in a day or two. With Joker involved, I honestly don’t know if I have a finished chapter or not. Either the ch 3 draft is finished and I’m well into chapter 4, or else I’m about 80% done with chapter 3. I seriously do not know.

See, it’s not that Joker doesn’t care about the outline, it’s that he doesn’t care about pacing either. He wants to do his thing in his own way, and he doesn’t care if all of you have been reading for 6 pages or 12 or 20. So I keep passing these lines and moments that would make a decent breakpoint, and he chimes in “NOT YET! NOT YET! Stall ‘em! Harley’s almost got the flamingo feathers stapled to the swimming pool!”

Then there’s a sound of a chain saw, a kitchen timer, a flamingo screams, and Harley says “oops.” I don’t know what the hell is going on in there, and I’m afraid to ask. My inner Bruce is scowling. He says this is no way to run a storyverse, and he’s right. But here’s the thing: I just heard a flamingo scream. I wouldn’t have thought there was any difference between a flamingo and any other bird when it came to squawking but there is. There is a very discernable difference. So for right now, Joker is calling the shots. I’m going to let him get to the end of chapter 3 or 4, and then I’ll make the call on whether it is one chapter or two.

Until then, renewed apologies to chipsnopotatoes. You were indeed the first to ID the Dustin Nguyen PIC and last week’s blog has been duly edited. Meow.

Chris Dee

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