Happy Anniversary Cat-Tales

March 8, 2010

9 years ago today, Reputation hit the cyber stands.  So Happy Anniversary to our favorite feline, and long may she purr.

As followers of this blog know, there is no big rollout of a new feature to mark the day.  Something is in the pipe, but it won’t be ready for another month or two.  Real life rearing its ugly, which is why this wasn’t the most productive week for CT.  However, I did finish the proofing edits on Vault, which means CT 52 is now available for Kindle & mobi.

(Incidentally, Kindle folks who still want to test the compilation docs, that project will resume in a few months also.  PM or email me to get on the list, but be aware that nothing is happening until May – same real life/real work reason as above.)

Corporate Sugardaddy Watch:  DC, it’s official: Spiderman’s dad can beat up your dad, big time.  New York viewers missed the red carpet and 13 minutes of the Oscars telecast last night because ABC didn’t blink in the negotiations with Cablevision as the 8 o’clock deadline came and went.  One of the great advantages to being a sentient lifeform with higher reasoning skills, you have the capacity to learn from other people’s mistakes.  There’s a lesson here:  do not get into a pissing contest with the alpha mouse. Seriously.  Just don’t.
Have a good week, everybody.

Chris Dee

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