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March 22, 2010

Finished the book cover (MEOW!) and as promised, a normal Cat-Tales schedule has resumed.

First, it’s quite true that a good editor is above rubies, and mine kept quietly working while I was running around calling down the wrath of the righteous on photoshop filters.  The result is that the proofing edits on Short Tales were ready just as soon as I came up for air.  And that means Cat-Tales #53, the shiny newly proofed trio of short tales which introduced The Z and Selina’s Lamborghini, is now available for kindle & mobi as well as the printable pdfs.   Again, I meow.

After that, work resumed on Don’t Fear the Joker, natch.  No ETA on Chapter 4 at the moment, but only because Joker and Harley are… well, you can probably guess.

Twitterfeed HarlQuinn13
HarlQuinn13: Helping Puddin’ test the Easy Bake Oven trap
HarlQuinn13: Test flopped.  Giving porcupine a decent burial
HarlQuinn13: Going out to White Castle

Work on the TBA is still on hold.  I want to get the next chapter in the can before I worry about any outside projects.  Happily the fan gallery artists and other extras folks are patient.  The folks I owe emails to, eh… well, I’ll get there.
So that’s it for now.  First major hurdle of the year, CLEARED!

Chris Dee

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