The Week in Cat-Tales

April 20, 2010

Whew. Two major projects coming to a head at the same time. Let’s try not to do that again for a while.

First things first: Congratulations to Loren Weisman on the epoch-making launch of The Artist’s Guide to Success in the Music Business. Huzzah! Apparently the after party at Seattle’s famous Tini Bigs was quite the event, complete with – be still my heart – a new signature martini made for the event by one of the country’s great mixologists, Shane Sahr.

As for the book, you know, most creative fields are beset by an Echo Boomer problem: kids coming out of a system where they have been rewarded for participation and not achievement. The result is they hit the real world with no clue what they are actually good at and where their talents are barely adequate. They come in expecting the real world to be set up the way their previous environments have been: designed to help them achieve and to advance them as quickly as possible – or preferably faster. This in the industry of “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.” Surprise, kids! No theatre, no movie studio, no nightclub, no record label, no publisher, no agent, no manager, no anybody anywhere is going to do that, even if you actually have the once in a decade talent you believe you do. Loren’s book is a milestone in actually letting aspiring artists IN on those realities. Instead of talking about them behind closed doors, he talks to them, explaining the facts of life frankly but honestly. IMO, at least half will react like Talia: hysterical scream fits, angry assertions that her deluded fantasy Is, Was, and Always Will Be. You’re a big fat meanie for even suggesting otherwise, all her Facebook friends say so too and so does her mom and so does the Easter Bunny. Elvis lives! In all probably, innocent crockery will die… But the other half, that’s who this book is for. They can and will step up, grow up, and become real artists.

Anyway, book release. Despite that excitement and the next phase – testing – on the infamous TBA that ate Tokyo, I did manage to complete edits and roll out the kindle and mobi for Cat-Tales #54: War of the Poses. Even got a few chapters done of CT55. Speaking of CT#55, it appears that Christopher Nolan appeared at something called WonderCon not too long ago and surreptitiously waved the checkered flag on a viral for his upcoming flick: Inception. That set off a slew of new visits to our Dark Knight viral sites. So CT-readers, if you missed out on the alternate reality game the first time, just a heads up that those websites are still out there for your vicarious Gotham-living pleasure.

And finally, yes, writing is ready to resume on Don’t Fear the Joker. It was a good weekend for Laughing Boy, which is to say, a crappy weekend for Gotham, but what can you do. That’s the way the clattering teeth clatter, HAHAHAHAAAAAAA!

And, since I am several weeks behind sharing goodies from the mailbag, check this out: a “Kodak Moment” doesn’t begin to cover it.

Chris Dee

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