Women Lacking Complexity – FOR SCIENCE!

April 21, 2010

I’m several weeks behind on the fun links, pics, and video clips from the mail bag, so we’ll be getting caught up for a while. This one has to take precedence as it is time critical. The event is April 26 and women lacking complexity will want a few days to prepare (read: shop) for Boob Quake 2010.

It began with the kind of story that gets bloggers in a lather: some Iranian cleric spouting the kind of idiocy guys like that are always spouting. In this case that women dressing immodestly corrupt men, provoking God’s wrath and bringing earthquakes. Jen McCreight, one of the wittier bloggers, ran with it. Monday she declared she would test the claim on April 26 with Boob Quake. After all, if…

Postulate: Boobs >> lust & adultery >> godwrath >> earthquakes
Test: Bring on the cleavage and see how much movement we can get on the Richter scale.

That was Monday, and today there’s a Facebook page with about 10,000 participants already signed on.

My delight in this is twofold: ( * ) the celebration of women’s sexuality fused with all the fun and sass that is so central to a proper depiction of Catwoman, and ( * ) Remember the pseudo-intellectual, faux-enlightened dipshits that went along with the Balent-bashing as if there was something degrading and wrong about a beautiful woman in a comic book being drawn with big breasts? They are now in a delightful position where they can either get with the program or side with the Iranian clerics. Win-win for the rest of us, particularly those of us who bounce.

Gentlemen, remember, you too have a part to play on Monday. We show off the goods and you are duty bound to look, enjoy, and try to, y’know, be corrupted. Remember, it’s for science.

Chris Dee

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