No Love Letters Today

May 17, 2010

Okay, first, Windows Vista sucks. I can’t think of many things that get a week off to a more aggravating start than having to do that new profile copy/paste dance with 4+ gig of files just to get around that corrupted profile glitch. I had enough computer issues last year that I’ve been putting off Windows 7 for the obvious reasons: give them time to work out the kinks that sneak through every MS release, and giving me time to get other stuff done before embarking on the thrilling adventure of earning another @#($U@(* operating system.

Anyway, the upshot of all this is today’s blog may be a little late, since the start of Monday morning was postponed by 3 hours. Woof. On the upside, not only were last week’s forum/yuku problems resolved very nicely, we now have the fantastic ability to open up to non-yuku participants. You can now log into the Cat-Tales forums and this blog with a Facebook, Twitter or Google UserID, as well as LinkedIn, WindowsLive, Yahoo, MySpace, AOL, WordPress and OpenID.

The temporary outage did zonk out the caption contest, but I have it on good authority that the All-Seeing Oracle is scouring the net for a good panel to make up for lost time.

In other news, I made some good headway on Chapter 6, as well as finishing the proofing edits for Cat-Tales #56 Armchair Detective – which of course means there is a new pdf, kindle and mobi version available for download.

And of course, more backstage stuff for the website. Kitty needs a nap – if only somebody told Vista. Again I say “woof,” but we’ll get’em.

Chris Dee

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