From the Mailbag: Capes on TV

January 12, 2011

There seems to be a mad rush of Capes on TV this month. The Onion is taking their fake news on the web onto basic cable. While my heart will always belong to The Daily Show, this tease makes a great Kim Jong Il Ends Nuclear Program For Lead In Next ‘Batman’ certainly gets things off to a rollicking start…


Then there is a follow-up to the Conan visit discussed in West Coast Sunrise. No real morality play this time contrasting grown-up DC Entertainment with the comics division’s embarrassing acting out, just some good fun as “The Flaming C Returns.”


And finally, there is NBC’s new prime time offeringThe Cape, which one Cat-Tales reader described as “it seemed to have come straight from Dick’s mind or maybe a bro fun conversation between him and Tim. Hero is a cop, a good cop in a city that corrupt and ripe for corporate takeover. He’s married (to a hot red head) and has a kid. Gets framed as some masked villain then some how make it out alive from the frame up. Turns out he gets saved my some criminal circus folk, that end up teaching him all the things he needs to know to become the Cape and get his life back. Along the way he gets hooked up with Orwell, who’s 1 part Oracle 1 part Lois Lane”

He adds that the Rogues Gallery is a bit thin, but that glass is half full because there is a “Submit YOUR VILLAIN” feature on the website.

Of course I won’t be participating in that, because I still blame myself for that blog about Heroes needing a good villain and nominating the Dyson vacuum guy.

Sorry, guys. I really meant it as an innocent joke.

Chris Dee

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