Leave the Gun, Take the Catwoman

August 17, 2011

Cat-Tales Catwoman Fan Fiction by Chris Dee: Carmine Falcone, the Godfather

Monday was a crazy-busy day for Cat-Tales.  First, we had the release of Comedy of Errors latest installment: Chapter 5 – Frank Pentangelli.  For those who can’t place the name, “Frankie Five Angels” was the caporegime in The Godfather Part II who stayed in the east, running The Corleone Family in New York after Michael moved the family to Nevada.  He’s a great touchstone back to the first film, the family as they were and how much they’ve changed… That’s not exactly why he’s the title of the chapter.  For that you’ll have to read it.  Anyway, the new chapter is out, and it contained quite a surprise, the significance of which will be playing out for a while…

Chris Dee on The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan, The Catwoman Costume Controvercy, and the Godfather

Perhaps because it was on my mind, The Godfather also figured prominently in my last Blogcritics piece: Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight Rises, Catwoman’s Goggles, and an Offer You Can’t Refuse.  You know, it’s not easy making a movie in 2011.  Everybody on the street has a phone, every phone has a camera and half of them are prelinked to share the goods on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube before a PA can yell “HEY, you shouldn’t be back… here.”  But before we start feeling too bad for all Chris Nolan is going through trying to shoot The Dark Knight Rises in Pittsburgh, consider that 40 years ago before any of the social networks and fanboy complications, things were… so much worse!

And finally, it was Jim Balent’s birthday, and one of my favorite DeviantArt Catwoman artists, Aichan25, made a wonderful birthday tribute to the creator of the original Catwoman #1 oh-so-sexy purple Catwoman

Jim Balent Catwoman Purple Catwoman Costume: Happy Birthday Mr. Balent by Aichan25

That’s Aichan25, remember that name because there is a lot more art to come in the coming months at Catwoman Fan Art Gallery on the Cat-Tales website, and at the virtual exhibit spaces in Second Life.

Chris Dee

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