Dance of Illusions: Remembering My Dance with Dracula

September 15, 2011

batman-and-dracula-capes-and-bats-cover“The eyes, windows of the soul, are where the vampire make
his bid to take the mind, and control the mind.”

Just the phrase to keep in mind when Count Dracula Himself cuts in on your dance partner in the middle of the party whose sole purpose was for you to offer
yourself up as vamp bait.

“Eye contact is his window to steal his victim’s will.”

Good advice to be sure. But my brain conjuring Van Helsing’s voice out of the written words of his diary—Dutch accent and all—added an unnecessary
veneer of melodrama to the proceedings in this kitty’s opinion. With the band segueing to Cole Porter’s “I’ve Got Some Unfinished Business With You” just
as Dracula put his hand around my waist, there was drama enough.
—Selina Kyle, Cat-Tales: Capes and Bats by Wanders Nowhere

Once again, the good folks over at Red Room have provided the perfect prompt.  This time it was Vampires, the ideal lead in for a look back at meeting Wanders Nowhere, the author of the amazing Batman and Dracula novel Cat-Tales: Capes and Bats.  I only with I had the time to go into my tour of his Castle Dracula build in Second Life, and tell a few anecdotes of our work together on C&B and that crazy night in SL shooting the video for the C&B trailer.

My Dance with Dracula | Chris Dee at Red Room

The trailer

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