Goggles Bad: Catwoman’s new costume (No not THAT one, in Arkham City)

October 18, 2011

Once again, because I have a HISTORY OF THE CATWOMAN COSTUME on this blog, folks are coming here for information on the Catwoman skins for Batman: Arkham City.  As with The Dark Knight Rises and Catwoman reboot, I’m going to do my best to supply what you came for.  This isn’t any inside scoop though, I’m just telling you what I know:

Arkham City is the sequel to last year’s Arkham Asylum, and Catwoman is a playable character.  They put her in the goggles, and only then found out that for a lot of fans who love Catwoman and would love to PLAY AS Catwoman, that costume would completely poison the experience for them.  And then too, when Anne Hathaway’s first pic from The Dark Knight Rises showed her in goggles, the world went “Boo, hiss. That ain’t Catwoman” (despite the fact that she’s riding a motorcycle, which I repeat is the one place you kind of want some eye protection!)

Anyway, the game learned faster than DC did:  goggles bad.  And now that the game is being released, we discover there are skins to put her in different costumes where she looks, you know, not terrible.

An early review at someplace called Game Masters apparently referenced unlocking a costume from The Long Halloween, but how to unlock it is unclear.  There is also something about it only being on new games – the game isn’t released yet, aren’t they all “New” ?

Then there is this skin with the costume from Batman: The Animated Series.  Friend of mine says that is downloaded, which I assume is different from being unlocked.

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I have NO IDEA if there are more out there.  I will say this to those hoping for the Iconic Jim Balent costume or the classic silver age costume:  they both have hair, and as someone who spent two years crafting a Catwoman look in Second Life, hair is a bitch.  What the goggle disaster, The Long Halloween and BTAS have in common are tucked in hair.  Do I hope they’d put in the effort, sure.  But with TLH she is purple and with BTAS she is at least in a proper cat mask.  Let’s rejoice and be glad.

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