Write yourself (well, chant yourself) into The Dark Knight Legend

November 6, 2011

Remember when thedarkknightrises.com went online?  There was that chanting that we all tried to figure out, wondering if it was the first volley of a viral?  This is so much better.   Because it looks like that chant won’t be the one in the movie.  Ours will!  Composer Hans Zimmer is building a “World Chant” with voices submitted through this page on the Ujam website.

The Dark Knight Rises Chanting

All you need is a decent microphone on your computer, and headphones will help.  You’ll rehearse until you’re comfortable learning the chant, record yourself, tweak if necessary and submit it.

You must be 18 years or older in the US, or 20 in Japan.

Virals, pfft, that’s so 2007.   I believed in Harvey Dent, sure, but this is much cooler.  Be part of the movie.

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