And so it begins… After Coffee

February 27, 2012

The Gotham Rogues Chapter 5: And So It Begins

It’s a tricky business being the one-woman marketing department for an operation like Cat-Tales.  See, I had a plan.  Come backstage with me for a minute, pay  no attention to the madman spattering paint over there on the Occupy Gotham set.  It means nothing.

Okay, so, it’s a new chapter day, and I had a plan.  There’s the link to the chapter on the main Cat-Tales site and on the mobile-friendly mirror, that’s two links for me to be a-posting.  There’s the Cat-Tales Facebook Page and then there’s my personal profile, and I think it’s tedious and annoying to be posting the same things in both places within seconds of each other.  So what I like to do is give a little teaser on my profile while the CT page gets the links, then I go on and send out the newsletter, post on the forum, etc. etc. and finally go back to Facebook and share the link on the profile.

I had my teaser all picked out, or at least narrowed down.  The title of the chapter is: And So It Begins, a reference, of course, to this moment


Nothing says the long built up war is finally upon us like those 4 little words: And So It Begins

I didn’t expect to actually find it on YouTube, but it’s there, along with this rather haunting piece of music with the same title:

No doubt the same allusion.  It’s the phrase of choice to indicate a war against the rising darkness.  Joe Straczynski did the same on Babylon 5.

So anyway, I teased the new chapter day and shared the link, got on with my day, uploaded the new chapters, went about sharing that link on Facebook, Twitter, sent newsletter, posted in forum and… uh, oops… turns out I didn’t share the video on my profile after all.

Have I ever mentioned what a total mess I am before coffee?  I was logged in to post on the Cat-Tales PAGE when I shared the video, so it went up there along with the chapter links.  That’s perfectly obvious now, but before Gevalia’s caffeine lube has worked its magic on my brain, you should have seen me trying to figure out why the damn thing I KNEW I had posted was. not. there.

Moral: don’t try to facebook before coffee.  Just, don’t.

Oh, yeah, the new chapter, right.  Cat-Tales #65:  The Gotham Rogues, Chapter 5: And So It Begins on the Cat-Tales website and mobile-friendly Cat-Tales.mobi

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