Ads that Make Me Purr

April 22, 2012

Someone just mentioned that they saw this ad on my Blogtalk Radio interview from a few months back.  Seems… fitting.

“Time to set the record straight” indeed.

Then there was this gem from Cartier, which when I saw it, all I could think was “Selina just had one.”

Get used to it, with The Dark Knight Rises coming out this summer, Cattitude – that’s the APPEAL of being Catwoman – is going to assert itself in the media in subliminal ways.  Those who don’t get the fantasy are in for a rough time of it, because “Gee what a grim and gritty life that is, I’m so glad I’m not such a damaged unfortunate mess but at least my outfit is practical” isn’t going to sell anything except, well, maybe hemorrhoid creme.

For the rest of us who love Selina, who get the thrill of being a bad girl, of pleasure and indulgence and getting away with something – who love LIFE as a joy to be savored and not an ordeal to be endured, these are welcome signs indeed that somebody – if only purveyors of jewelry and cellular service – understand the essence of what Catwoman is supposed to be.  The Cattitude is back.

Mark your calendars: July 20, 2012

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