GCN: Can somebody tell Gotham City News to take a Midol

June 3, 2012

GCN take a midol

I understand that living where there’s free speech means that sometimes you get offended.  I understand that not everyone shares my passionately pro-Batman bias.  As an adult, I’m prepared to accept a lot of different points of view on an issue as complex as masked vigilantes.

But calling Batman “a hippie-communist-liberal-art student-internet hacker-immigrant-socialist”  in one breath, and not five minutes later calling him a fascist tool of a right wing oligarchic state?  When The Onion does this, it’s satire.  When it’s GCN, I’ve had it.  I have seriously HAD IT.  Enough already.  Gotham Cable news: TAKE A MIDOL.  Batman exists.  Get the f- over it.

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