Preview: The Dark Knight Rises Score by Hans Zimmer

June 14, 2012

Those who follow me on Facebook know I’ve been having a little fun along the lines of…

Not saying I’m sick of The Dark Knight Rises preshow, but I did feel this morning was the time for some music that did not involve chanting of any kind.

Followed by some Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, Arlo Guthrie, etc.

It’s good I got it out of my system, because today we got our first listen of the actual music of The Dark  Knight Rises.  Not the same old chanting, but a 30-second clip of each song from the official soundtrack.



A Storm is coming

On Thin Ice

Gotham’s Reckoning

Mind if I Cut In

Underground Army

The Fire Rises

Nothing Out There


Fear Will Find You

Death by Exile

Imagine The Fire

Necessary Evil

Why Do We Fall


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