The Rising Fire

June 14, 2012

THE place to be on GAME DAY

The Rising Fire is, quite simply, the oldest and many say the finest sports bar in Gotham.  It’s named – as all football fans know – for the nickname of the feared and famous Gotham Rogues offensive line as well as the fan practice rallying them on by waving the distinctive yellow Rogue Rag in the stands, chanting for “the fire to rise.”

It’s an entirely different fire that rises at the bar, as a look at the menu will show: homemade mustard, burning hot wings, rising fire peppers and jalapeno nuggets.

It’s much more than the food, though, it’s the social atmosphere.  If you can’t be in the Rogues Gallery at Gotham Stadium, The Rising Fire is simply THE place to be on GAME DAY.

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