Bruce and Selina

August 1, 2012

Time for some reader input on a subject near and dear to your hearts.

The Bruce and Selina pairing is the heart and soul of Cat-TalesIf you’ve been to the Cat-Tales story page recently and you were there to read anything other than The Gotham Rogues, you’ll have noticed you had to scroll down to get to the tales in chronological order.  The top half of the page was taken up by a lot of “Best of” lists:  Best Comedies, Best Joker Tale, Best Original Story, Best Story based on a Comic arc, etc.   It was done because the buildup to The Dark Knight Rises was bringing so many newcomers to the site.  I wanted a way to help them get oriented without bogging down in years of comic-book references, in-jokes and tropes that they didn’t know and didn’t care about.

It turned out to be very popular, and I’ve decided to keep it once the wave of new activity subsides.  I am moving it to a separate page, however, which leaves room for a new category: “Best Bruce and Selina”

I know, it sounds incredibly obvious.  The reason I didn’t have it to begin with is that the whole series is Bruce and Selina.  They are the heart and soul of Cat-Tales – with the ironic result that it’s very hard to recommend a particular tale about them.  Most of what I consider their best moments are nestled inside stories that are superficially about something else.

So I – and they – need your help.

Please comment on Facebook or in the forums, or PM me with your picks.  And if it’s one of those jewel scenes that it is buried in another story which doesn’t exactly scream Bat/Cat romance,  then please unpack it a little and tell me why this moment/scene/story is your pick. Help me figure out how to present this so the people searching for this material can easily find it.

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