Cosplay Appreciation Day: Batman

November 13, 2012
Cosplay Appreciation Day

From one professional to another, pick a better spot, because from this height a fall won’t kill me

I know we’ve already had one spotlight today, but then, well, there was an ass hat, as one is apt to encounter on the Internet.  And rather than responding to trollish asshattery in kind, Gail Simone put a wonderfully positive spin on the whole thing by declaring it


#cosplayappreciationday is trending

#CosplayAppreciationDay.  Head on over to twitter and see the feed, it’s amazing.  (It’s also trending!)

So I returned to the gallery to dig out the best darn Batman Cosplayer I know: I wish I could shout out to him properly, but, uh, I only know him as Matches Malone.

Yes, really.  But he made every bit of that costume himself, and the love shows in every  pixel of every pic.

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