Countdown to Valentine’s Day in Gotham

February 13, 2013

The countdown to Valentine’s Day in Gotham continues–or as Jervis says, “the march to Half-Priced Chocolate Day Eve continues, as marches to all festive days are wont to do, don’t you know.”

To that end, a look back at two of the very best Valentines from years past, featuring two of our favorite couples Batman & Catwoman and Joker & Harley.


I Can’t Stay Long by Dustin Nguyen 2010

This quintessential Cat-Tales Batman (note the lip-twitch) and purrfectly Balent-clad purple Catwoman is from Dustin Nguyen’s DeviantART gallery, featured just days before Valentine’s Day in 2010. Since Bat-Cat is the heart and soul of the Cat-Tales series, it seemed like it was tailor-made just for us.


Reservations for 8:30. No one told the Pirate King.

Also from 2010,  our favorite Poser artist from the CT gallery thought about doing a calendar with a Gotham scene for each month.  This would have been February.  Poor Harley.

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