Gallery Spotlight: Catwoman vs Azrael

February 27, 2013

A companion piece to yesterday’s featured pic: In The Shadow of the Bat,  seasoned readers  of DC Comics may remember the image from the cover of Batman 504 Knightquest: The Crusade.

Catwoman vs Azrael

Catwoman vs Azrael by Paul Cory; DragonCon 2012 inspired by cover of Batman 504 Knightquest: The Crusade © Paul Cory

In Cat-Tales as in DC Comics, the first encounter between Catwoman and Azrael/AzBat/The Imposter/Pheromones/That $@(*! Thing in the Batman costume didn’t go so well.  Unlike in the comics, it wasn’t a forgotten bit of nonsense but is an ongoing plotpoint that continues to affect the relationship between the characters.

“In addition to the flashbacks dealing with the first Catwoman-AzBat meeting in Blueprints and Armchair Detective, Selina’s lingering animosity towards Jean Paul Valley and Azrael are dealt with in Strange Bedfellows where they do manage to work together, String Theory where temporal rifts bring back Az & JP’s maddest and saddest moments from that time, 00000-001 where Jean Paul Valley for all his shortcomings rates a spot in Bruce’s hidden safe, and although the focus is more on Bane, the Knightfall/Knightquest period is touched on most recently and dramatically in The Gotham Rogues.”

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