Gallery Spotlight: Harley v. Harley (‘Cause why not?)

March 11, 2013

For no particular reason, a tour of the Harley Quinns in the Fan Art Gallery.

Harley Quinn Bust from Sculpture Gallery

Harley Quinn Bust by Ramesese

At one point when a reader was working on the Character Index, he discovered Harley appeared in more tales than any other supporting character.*

Character portrait of Harley Quinn at Joker's Ha-Hacienda

At the Ha-Hacienda, a Character Portrait

Why?  I don’t know.  Maybe because she’s such a lovable trainwreck.  I  mean, seriously…

Parody bodice ripper cover with Harley Quinn and Joker

How Harley apparently sees herself and Mistah J. “A Time To Laugh: A Harley Quinn Romance” from Fool

And here she is in civies. If you’re going to crash a society wedding to retrieve a bit of underwear that somehow got away from you when you were trashing the place with your psychotic boyfriend, maybe a) you should try to blend in a little more instead of wearing some clubbing dress…

Mrs Wayne by Remidar, inspired by from <a href=

Mrs Wayne by Remidar, inspired by from Dearly Beloved

… and b) Stay sober. I’m just sayin’

Joker and Harley Motivation Poster
*That count was made around Book 3, I think.  She still has the most appearances among the Rogues, but several Bat-family characters have since passed her.

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