Gallery: Joker v Joker (Cause Why Not?)

March 12, 2013

I’m not saying Psycho McHappypants was jealous of the unprecedented attention Harley Quinn received in yesterday’s Gallery Spotlight, I’m just saying that in addition to all the new pictures going up in the fan art gallery, we also unveiled a brand new Joker character portrait – replacing the old one because it had, well, uh… it had some really unfortunate framing with his arm and the hyena.  He liked it, I didn’t, I’m the real person and I win.

Rather than featuring it in the usual way, I thought a little compare and contrast was called for.  So, in the spirit of yesterday’s Harley v. Harley…

Joker by Selina Enriquez

Joker by Selina Enriquez

While many readers enjoyed Joker’s earliest appearances in Fun & Games and Something Old, it is Cat-Tale #60: Don’t Fear the Joker which was voted his best appearance, no doubt because of the spin he put on other rogues’ themes.

Joker in the Ha-Hacienda

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