Gallery Spotlight: Portraits al Ghul

March 20, 2013

One of the subtler bits in Cat-Tales that might amuse only me, the cult of personality Ra’s al Ghul has built around himself includes naming just about everything he does and touches as the /Name of thing/ al Ghul. In Napoleon’s Plan Ra’s undergoes the ritual of the Mergulho al Ghul literally the “dipping of the Demon.” He brings Bruce (actually Selina) the Ata al Ghul – the Gift of the Demon. When he’s got the munchies after that pit-dip, you just know there’s a minion somewhere in charge of delivering the daily snack of the Demon.

Minions of the decadent west, it is therefore my unworthy honor to present the Character Portraits al Ghul…

Ra’s al Ghul, Light of the East, Terror of the West, Apex of the Age of Oneness through One Rule, etc etc deigns to visit the DEMON base in Gotham’s Chinatown

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