Gallery Spotlight: Street Patrol

April 4, 2013

When we hear Cosplay, we mostly think of posed shots, either with a smiling character on a convention floor, or in beautifully staged scenes like the previously featured pair: Shadow of the Bat and of Catwoman vs Azrael inspired by the Knightfall / Knightquest era comics.

That’s why I was so excited to have a few pieces like Batman: Street Patrol which doesn’t seem posed or contrived at all.

Batman on patrol

Street Patrol by Underground Justice League Alliance from the Cosplay Gallery at catwoman-cattales.com

Indeed, it looks like a random person spotted Batman one night and hastily took the best picture they could.  But for all the appearance of spontaneity, there is quite a lot of craft in this composition.  Note how just enough definition on the cape and ears and just enough reflection on the cowl to say ‘Batman.”

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