Gallery Spotlight: Tim Loses His Guy Card

May 10, 2013

“Robin and Batgirl, here we go again,” Bruce once said as Tim Drake and Cassie Cain started down that path teenagers tend to take.  They’re not the first couple of Cat-Tales Universe, but they have quite a following.  One of the first major episodes is depicted here, from Fortune Cookies.

Batgirl (Cassie Cain) beats Robin (Tim Drake) at Phoenix Ninja. Again.

“All Over ‘cept the Crying”

Tim figured Phoenix Ninja was the only chance he’d have to trounce Batgirl in a fair fight, and trounce her he did for the first 12 minutes of play.  There was no body language to read in his avatar ShadowBird, none of the tells she reacted to with such deadly speed in a physical battle.  Then she noticed how this wrist-twitch or that made his character move, and since then…

“All over,” she repeated as Tim’s ShadowBird lay inert on the digital rooftop while the spectacular backdrop of downtown Ginza reconfigured to proclaim SilentShogee the winner.  “’cept the crying,” she added, looking at him expectantly.

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