Boy, you got a crap name there, Bane

June 8, 2013

Since Cat-Tales is not a Femslash series, the F4F audience was more than patient when the bulk of my first interview spent so much of the hour+ on Selina Kyle, Bruce and Selina, Edward Nigma, Roxy Rocket, Victor Frieze, etc. When the conversation finally did turn to Harley and Ivy, Harvey Dent was part of the equation. That show is now signing off, and for its final 4 episodes, host Allaine is inviting back past guests in groups of four. I agreed to a return visit to round out the first foursome, fully expecting to make up for that first appearance and devote the bulk of the time to Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. Imagine my surprise when this guy’s name came up:

Bane in the Gotham Subway station, upstaged by the real Gotham again

As it ever was, so shall it ever be: Bane upstaged by the real Gotham. Character portraits, Cat-Tales Gallery

Boy, you've got a crap name there, Ban

“One note, kind of like you.”
-Edward Nigma, The Gotham Rogues

Bane was introduced in Cat-Tales in Chapter 4 of Comedy of Errors. He’s discovered at Ramon’s Café & Bar Lounge in Lubbock, Texas. I asked a friend in that part of the country for a location that “wasn’t the absolute end of the world, but you can see it from there,” and that’s how Ramon’s and the Banester himself came to reside in Lubbock.

At the time of that first interview, those few scenes were all we had seen of Bane, but I knew what was coming. Storm clouds were forming over Gotham, there was a war coming between the Rogues and the Mobs, and it was Bane and not Carmine Falcone who would wind up being the major antagonist.

Now, I’ve never been one to play the spoiler game, but if I had known going in that Bane’s name would come up, I might have come prepared to drop a hint or two.  Having missed that opportunity, I will say here that while the man himself is no longer in Gotham, and while his appearance in the Tales was obviously to play along and have some fun with The Dark Knight Rises dusting off the big hulking steroid case, nothing in Cat-Tales Gotham happens in a hermetically sealed package that begins with the first sentence of chapter 1 and ends with the final period.  Pebbles were dropped in The Gotham Rogues and the ripples from those pebbles are still moving through the waters of Inside an Enigma.

There endeth the tease for the upcoming chapter of Enigma.  Now, let’s all enjoy one last laugh at the expense of Santa Prisca’s favorite son:


Final thought. While I badly want to go out on the Guns n’ Roses, I simply can’t hold off on saying this: Eddie was right. Do you know how hard it is to come up with a cute, punny title related to Bane? I wanted to title this entry something quippy and clever, but there’s not a Don’t Fear the Joker or Riddle Me-Tropolis to be had with him.

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