Batman and Catwoman: Chemistry

July 13, 2013
batman and catwoman, hot rooftop kiss, cattales

To some he was a fable, to some a nightmare, to some a detective, a freak, a hero, or a demon. But to Catwoman, he had always been, well… hers.* ~Cat-Tales: Fool

It’s been noted before that for the Definitive Batman and Catwoman series, Cat-Tales is hard for readers to recommend to hardcore shippers since a lot of the best Bruce/Selina moments are nestled in stories that are about other things. So I’m going to try a few things to make it easier than pointing to the 5+ book collection. This video is the first of what I hope will be little bite-size slices of the Cat-Tales life, recalling the first encounter from Catitude as recounted in Electron 29

Watch on Deviant Art

Please suggest some other ways to bring the tales to the attention to those people who love Batman, love Catwoman, love Bruce and Selina as a couple, but aren’t getting what they want from the comics, games and movies.

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