A Freakout of Fanboys

August 28, 2013

If I say I received two emails Sunday, one with the subjectline Affleck Weekend and one titled simply Fanboy Freakout, I assume no reader of this blog (or for that matter, no one who hasn’t just woken from a coma) needs to be told why.


What’s interesting about this isn’t the freakout itself, but the bizarre timing (Warner Bros made the announcement on Friday when fans would have all weekend to work it into a lather) and then the triple attempt at a shaming response as if the pushback wasn’t expected.

First it was Team Nolan’s rather petulant “Hey, you didn’t like the Heath Ledger idea either.”  Then Joss ‘The One You Still Like Who Had Nothing To Do With TDKR or MoS’ Whedon announces support for Batman casting choice.  And finally, we had the actor himself making a video response with Jay and Silent Bob – as in Oh yeah, he was in Mallrats – as in 1995 Kevin f-ing Smith. So much for the one valid point that was made this past weekend that maybe the guy who was on stage accepting Argo’s Oscar for Best Picture a few short months ago shouldn’t be judged on a body work that predates the CD-Rom.

Reminding us of that ancient history, along with the patronizing attitude, and indeed the whole of the reaction just doesn’t seem like the work of savvy Hollywood spin professionals who knew this was coming. It seems like a kneejerk of people who didn’t think it through because they didn’t see it coming… And I’m wondering why.

Fanboys flip out.  It’s what they do.  Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly.  How in the name of #DanSlottRapedMyChildhood can you be an adult, on the internet, and working in some capacity even remotely connected to comic book superheroes and NOT BE AWARE?

And so, for the edification of those caught off guard last week and the entertainment of those who simply made popcorn, I present AN EXALTATION OF LARPS: A Guide to the Collective Nouns of Fandom*.

A Freakout of Fanboys: A Guide to the Collective Nouns of Fandom

A Freakout of Fanboys: A Guide to the Collective Nouns of Fandom

*That title, by the way, is a nod to An Exaltation of Larks by James Lipton, which you really should check out. It’s a wonderful book.

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