New Wallpaper: WELL, SO AM I!

September 9, 2013

The latest desktop wallpaper is another scene suggested by readers.

Catwoman and Riddler in Cat-Tales: Not My Kink

Pissed? “WELL, SO AM I!” he screamed. Then he… he swung his sack of rubies at my head! I ducked, and he kept going. Spun himself around almost a full 360 and spilled a few rubies on the floor before he caught his balance, and then skidded on one and fell on his ass.

In Not My Kink, Selina took over Bruce’s *cough*fighting duties while he recovered from an injury.  She lasted all of 5 chapters before Riddler figured out what was going on.  “Zany hijinx ensued” as they say.

All the new wallpapers are available in high definition for all screen ratios and devices.


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