Welcome Fathers of the Dark Knight

November 4, 2013

Cat-Tales is pleased to welcome Fathers of the Dark Knight and the photography of Roberto Williams to the Cat-Tales gallery.  Now featured in our Cosplay section, you’ll see a spectacular collection of photos from the team of the ambitious 2014 New York production that made its costumed debut at NYCC last month.


Gyomara Phillips as Catwoman, Fathers of the Dark Knight. Photo by Roberto Williams

Fathers of the Dark Knight will feature the fictional heroes & villains, obviously, but also the real-life men who created them, seeking to correct the failure of history to recognize the contributions two men, writer Bill Finger and artist Jerry Robinson, made to the world of Bob Kane’s Batman. The audience will get to watch the creative process of Kane, Finger and Robinson brought to life in two different ways: On one side of the stage, we see the three men in Kane’s apartment, gradually bringing Gotham and its colorful cast of characters into being. On the other side, those very characters will fight the never-ending battle of good versus evil, as Batman takes on villains such as Joker, Riddler and Catwoman with the help of heroes like Batgirl and Robin.

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