Ask Catwoman; Ask Chris

November 8, 2013

It’s readers and fans that make Cat-Tales what it is. I love hearing from them in the forums and social media, and occasionally even Selina gets involved through her Ask Catwoman feature.


Catwoman’s Costume: The First Fitting in Kittlemeier’s Back Room

Most recently, a young reader asked about her costume, her flexibility and training. Catching her in a good mood (eh, possibly creating the good mood by mentioning their own cats), Selina was moved to reply here: Ask Catwoman #15: About her costume, training and origin.

Quite a lot of her answer is familiar to long term readers from her origin story: Cattitude so to give those fans a little something extra too, we made up some new artwork: Catwoman’s Costume – The First Fitting.

And finally, there have been a few questions for me over on Tumblr.  Check out The Continuity Fallacy and if you haven’t heard the Cat-Tales origin story before now (you have), I’ve gone and told that again right here.

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