Robin: Unfinished Business – A New Cat-Tales Spinoff Begins

December 9, 2013

I always liked it when Stephen Colbert introduces a guest or reports on a former guest’s latest with the formula ‘award-winning actor and friend of the show…’

Today I actually get to use that, because if there is a Friends of the Tales distinction, one of those who has earned it is certainly the Poser artist known as Thundering Monkey.  The 3-D/CGI gallery is filled with his creations, which display a real sense for the psychological moment that is the essence of visual storytelling.  But can he do it with words?  Turns out, the answer is yes.  Today, a new spinoff begins

With both Batman and Nightwing out of town the timing couldn’t be worse…

When an overzealous Civil Rights Attorney frees Stephanie Browns killer from Blackgate, it’s only a matter of time before he kills again. Now it’s up to Robin and Batgirl to solve a string of murders that have baffled the FBI for years, and put him away for good. It’s time to settle some Unfinished Business.

Set after Cat-Tales: Polishing Silver

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