Ha-Ha-Happy Birthday, Harley

May 12, 2014

Harley Quinn in Cat-Tales: Fool by Chris Dee

“Twenty-nine. She was twenty-nine years old. And she was behind schedule. She was supposed to have her own talk show by now. Her book, written while a brilliant young doctor at Arkham, would have become a best seller in its first month and now be in its third paperback printing. Then the radio call-in show, a stepping-stone only since her looks made her a natural for television. She should, at this moment, be using her star-studded birthday party upstairs at the Russian Tea Room to announce the release of her second book, timed to catapult her TV talk show into national syndication! And instead, where was she? Alone in her new HA-HARLienda eating a cupcake.

“And it was HIS fault.”

~Cat-Tales: Fool

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