Selina is Going Back to the Batcave and this time You Pick the Wallpaper

May 19, 2014

Several weeks ago I introduced a fun little picture for the scenes gallery called Coming to Bed Or Not?  inspired by a scene – or actually several different scenes – in various Cat-Tales.  What I learned from that little adventure is that the prospect of Selina in the Batcave is tremendously popular with many of you.  Also that you want wallpaper sizes and dimensions whether I think a picture’s PITA hologram is too grainy for HD or not.  Ok, message received.    More Selina in the cave.

To make it up to you, I’m going to let you decide what the next wallpaper will be.   I selected three stories that had Selina in the cave in a unique context, each with their own distinct flavor.  Identity Element, where she is researching the Justice League security system after the Dibny murder, Blueprints where the cave and its many secrets plays an important role in the search for some gold bars (and the reason for the search) and Not My Kink, where she’s taking over nightly patrols while Bruce recovers from an injury, even though it’s the dreaded C-word.

Not My Kink had the most diversity of tone, so the sample images are all inspired by that, but I’ve left open the option to write in suggestions from the other two.

Selina in the Batcave: my cave
Selina in the Batcave: Sexy Back
Selina in the Batcave:Log Entry
Selina in the Batcave: Lonely Cave
Selina in the Batcave: Just Me down here with the bats
Selina at Workstation One

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