It’s a Foolish Girl Who Waits for Santa

December 25, 2014

“The insight into Selina’s mind and background was superb.”

 “Selina had no ‘origin’ in the sense of one defining moment that made her Catwoman… but she hadn’t sprung out of the sidewalk at age 23 wearing a catsuit.”

It’s here at last, the Catwoman origin worthy of Selina Kyle is finally available as an audio book, read by the incomparable Caroline Sharp.  Available for your listening (and downloading) pleasure at catwoman-cattales.com

The tension (with Batman) made me gulp.”

The insight into Selina’s mind and background was superb.”

The series always implied Selina had a privileged childhood, and I never understood how such a blatant thief could possibly from the upper class. And now I read this. It just all comes together in such a beautiful way, and I see that it’s not only right, it’s the explanation of why Cat-Tales succeeds where so many Batman efforts fail. It’s truly the way Chris Dee understands the characters that makes your series so special.”

Finally a Catwoman origin that makes sense. Cattitude demonstrates the one aspect of Selina Kyle’s past that all the comics and movies get wrong. Like Bruce, she comes from money. She lost her family, she lost the wealth. Her life since then has been leading either through choice or chance, toward reaquiring wealth. Maybe it’s because she thought, subconciously, in a way she didnt even realise till she started thinking back, that maybe if she got that one more trinket… The love and security she’d known would return.”

As I suspected, Selina’s conclusion is that Bruce is part of what Sensei tried to teach her. She and Bruce are connected on some fundamental level. She is the yang to his yin (if I got that the right way around) the light to his darkness. She is the thing that will keep Bruce human and the Batman a thing of good.

And, yet, while Selina will never be complete without Bruce, he will never be complete without her. He is the rock and moral certainty to her confusion and internal conflict. He is the intellectual and stoic, she is the emotional and sensual. It isn’t that the two of them are dependent on the other, it is just that, in all the world, they are two beings who fit together perfectly. They could (and do) have a life without the other, but they would never really be happy.

I do think this is the beginning of something really wonderful.”

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