What are you drinking, Mr. Malone?

March 17, 2015


I generally post a few words in favor of a fine Irish Whisky over the St. Patrick’s Day… um, can’t rightly call it a beverage… over the St. Patrick’s Day observance that is “green beer.”  These are illustrated with Poison Ivy for the green, or with Bruce’s underworld identity Matches Malone since he’s a nice Irish boy from the neighborhood.

Except this year, we’re right in the middle of a story that’s actually starring Matches Malone, gone undercover with the Westies of Hell’s Kitchen.  He’s been visiting a good few Irish pubs and drinking a wee bit more alcohol than a typical Cat-Tale.  For a while, it even looked like we might be able to mark the day with the release of the final chapter.  Alas, it wasn’t meant to be, so for something different, I am inviting everyone to shout out what ol’ Matches should be drinking.

There’ve been a good few whiskies…


Although Bruce’s preferred beer, Innis & Gunn – Irish Whisky Cask of course – has made an appearance along with and other Irish craft beers.


So let’s hear it? What are you drinking, Mr. Malone?


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