Help some Heroes

December 4, 2015

Hey gang, the very best thing you can do for a story you’ve enjoyed is tell somebody.  That’s why I and one of the other Cat-Tales writers, Random Equinox, have each put one of our novel-length works up for consideration on Inkitt’s Fandom contest.  You can help us catch the eye of people who like Batman, who like Mass Effect, or just like a good geeky read.  Please consider giving either or both stories an upvote, or at least giving a share on your social network.

The Cat-Tales offering is the arc that began with Comedy of Errors and climaxed in The Gotham Rogues:

It’s been released with the title Through Other Eyes

The second story is by Random Equinox, which most of you know from the spinoff about The Z, particularly Don’t Fear the Z, offering an alternate POV on the events of Don’t Fear the Joker.  His Mass Effect Novel: The Hero Who Loved Me does something similar, retelling much of Mass Effect 2 (with some wonderful additions) through the eyes of Miranda Lawson.  It is a companion to his straight ME2 novelization: The Hero We Deserve, which is available with all his ME offerings on Fanfiction.net.


Please help this wonderful author find more reader as well.  The Hero Who Loved Me is ready for your consideration on Inkitt.


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