Cat-Tales Top 15

March 8, 2016

It’s been 15 years since HAHAHAHAHAAA! It was my instant messenger again. I had to do something special, so I asked readers to submit their favorite moments from the 70-and-counting Cat-Tales.

The countdown begins here, but that’s only the beginning…

In the coming weeks we’ll be breaking ground on an entirely new Virtual Visitor Center that will let you live the tales as never before, we’ll be seeing complete formatting updates and some other tweaks on all ebooks and pdfs, including the compilations (so overdue). And if all goes well, we may even be seeing a few Tales translated into French, as well as a few other surprises.

If you would like to be involved contributing voice talent to projects similar to the audio books, please contact Chris through the forum, Facebook or Twitter.

And oh yes, Knight of the Mirrors. I haven’t forgotten. Next installment will be coming along soon.

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