#Batrimony with a Bow, Your Christmas Gift from Cat-Tales

December 23, 2018


Yes, the Batrimony is real at Cat-Tales.  Last month the series that #CoughDidItFirst on all of DC Comics advances in the Batman/Catwoman relationship seemed poised to make good on the wedding DC Comics advertised but didn’t deliver.  The introductory chapter of the wedding tale titled Ever-Fixed quietly dropped November 29, and Batcat-watchers speculated if the next installment with the nuptials might arrive for Christmas.

It hasn’t.  Cat-Tales author Chris Dee hinted on Twitter that real life obligations might delay matters, but she’s made up for that disappointment with Chapter 2x, A Christmas Special offering a series of alternative openings for Chapter 2.

” Start Bruce and Selina’s wedding day from a few of the viewpoints Chapter 2 won’t give you… ”  on the Cat-Tales website and mobile-friendly mirror Cat-Tales.mobi


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