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Gallery Spotlight: Tim Loses His Guy Card

May 10, 2013

“Robin and Batgirl, here we go again,” Bruce once said as Tim Drake and Cassie Cain started down that path teenagers tend to take.  They’re not the first couple of Cat-Tales Universe, but they have quite a following.  One of the first major episodes is depicted here, from Fortune Cookies.

Batgirl (Cassie Cain) beats Robin (Tim Drake) at Phoenix Ninja. Again.

“All Over ‘cept the Crying”

Tim figured Phoenix Ninja was the only chance he’d have to trounce Batgirl in a fair fight, and trounce her he did for the first 12 minutes of play.  There was no body language to read in his avatar ShadowBird, none of the tells she reacted to with such deadly speed in a physical battle.  Then she noticed how this wrist-twitch or that made his character move, and since then…

“All over,” she repeated as Tim’s ShadowBird lay inert on the digital rooftop while the spectacular backdrop of downtown Ginza reconfigured to proclaim SilentShogee the winner.  “’cept the crying,” she added, looking at him expectantly.


National Hairball Awareness Day (Gallery Spotlight: Whiskers & Nutmeg)

April 26, 2013

Nothing makes you question the time you spend on social media like logging in to Twitter and learning it is National Hairball Awareness Day.  But hey, I’m the one who opted to go into the glamorous world of Catwoman fan fiction and I’m the one who let these two onto the page without stopping to consider that it’s the internet and cats rule.  They’re the most popular original characters in the series, and I have to keep the real stars of Cat-Tales happy, so…


Whiskers and Nutmeg want to know who’s not wearing the ribbon and why.

To commemorate this important day, I thought we’d do a Gallery Spotlight of those pictures featuring the little pests darlings.

Catwoman: Tuna Kisses by Shisa Ai

Catwoman: Tuna Kisses by Shisa Ai

Probably the sexiest Catwoman in the gallery that doesn’t include Bruce or Batman, and I’m spotlighting it for the cats!

Selina Sulking in the Cat Lair

Selina Sulking in the Cat Lair

This scene is one of the earliest efforts from Poser artist TM and is inspired by Times Gone By


Gallery: Joker v Joker (Cause Why Not?)

March 12, 2013

I’m not saying Psycho McHappypants was jealous of the unprecedented attention Harley Quinn received in yesterday’s Gallery Spotlight, I’m just saying that in addition to all the new pictures going up in the fan art gallery, we also unveiled a brand new Joker character portrait – replacing the old one because it had, well, uh… it had some really unfortunate framing with his arm and the hyena.  He liked it, I didn’t, I’m the real person and I win.

Rather than featuring it in the usual way, I thought a little compare and contrast was called for.  So, in the spirit of yesterday’s Harley v. Harley…

Joker by Selina Enriquez

Joker by Selina Enriquez

While many readers enjoyed Joker’s earliest appearances in Fun & Games and Something Old, it is Cat-Tale #60: Don’t Fear the Joker which was voted his best appearance, no doubt because of the spin he put on other rogues’ themes.

Joker in the Ha-Hacienda


Gallery Spotlight: Catvid Floorsafe

October 26, 2012
Catwoman: Floorsafe

Catvid: Floorsafe

The Cat-Tales Gallery Spotlight “3D week” began featuring a sassy ‘Catvid’ of Selina in action, as captured by a security camera (that she obviously knew was there) and stored on the Bat Computer for Batman’s private perusal and, eh, “further study” (grunt).  We end the week same way with Catvid: Floorsafe.  This time, I don’t think kitty knew the camera was there, however.

Enjoy it now before Bruce changes his passwords.

(Oh, and Dick & Tim? Grounded for life.)


Gallery Spotlight: Catvid-Now she’s just messing with me

October 22, 2012

Kicking off 3D Week in the Gallery spotlights with this little number from an artist called “Thundering Monkey*”

I call this one Catvid-Now she is just messing with me

I call this one Catvid-Now she is just messing with me

What’s remarkable here is the way this picture captures the playful nature, the style and sass that should be fundamental in any portrayal of Catwoman but eludes so many non-digital portrayals where it should be easy to convey. Missing there, but we’ve got it here, because TM is just that good.

Inspired by Catfight, where we learned that Batman has a number of security videos of Catwoman in action, the names of which indicate recreational rather than professional interest, such as Catvid-Legs.

*whom regular readers may remember from when his guest blog here Bad Yeti

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