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Blogtalking about Batman, Catwoman and all things Gotham (What else is new?)

October 28, 2011

I had such a blast last night appearing as a guest on Blogtalk Radio and talking about all things Catwoman: Purple Catwoman, Reboot Catwoman, Catwoman and Batman, all the actresses who’ve played Catwoman in the movies… well you get the idea. Seriously though, we talked about other stuff. Harley, Ivy, Joker… Meow
Cat-Tales Author Chris Dee on The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman, the DC Comics Reboot, purple Catwoman costumes, and all things Batman
You can download the podcast here.


Goggles Bad: Catwoman’s new costume (No not THAT one, in Arkham City)

October 18, 2011

Once again, because I have a HISTORY OF THE CATWOMAN COSTUME on this blog, folks are coming here for information on the Catwoman skins for Batman: Arkham City.  As with The Dark Knight Rises and Catwoman reboot, I’m going to do my best to supply what you came for.  This isn’t any inside scoop though, I’m just telling you what I know:

Arkham City is the sequel to last year’s Arkham Asylum, and Catwoman is a playable character.  They put her in the goggles, and only then found out that for a lot of fans who love Catwoman and would love to PLAY AS Catwoman, that costume would completely poison the experience for them.  And then too, when Anne Hathaway’s first pic from The Dark Knight Rises showed her in goggles, the world went “Boo, hiss. That ain’t Catwoman” (despite the fact that she’s riding a motorcycle, which I repeat is the one place you kind of want some eye protection!)

Anyway, the game learned faster than DC did:  goggles bad.  And now that the game is being released, we discover there are skins to put her in different costumes where she looks, you know, not terrible.

An early review at someplace called Game Masters apparently referenced unlocking a costume from The Long Halloween, but how to unlock it is unclear.  There is also something about it only being on new games – the game isn’t released yet, aren’t they all “New” ?

Then there is this skin with the costume from Batman: The Animated Series.  Friend of mine says that is downloaded, which I assume is different from being unlocked.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have NO IDEA if there are more out there.  I will say this to those hoping for the Iconic Jim Balent costume or the classic silver age costume:  they both have hair, and as someone who spent two years crafting a Catwoman look in Second Life, hair is a bitch.  What the goggle disaster, The Long Halloween and BTAS have in common are tucked in hair.  Do I hope they’d put in the effort, sure.  But with TLH she is purple and with BTAS she is at least in a proper cat mask.  Let’s rejoice and be glad.


Selina Kyle the Fashionista Returns, this time on the set of The Dark Knight Rises, and the Final Word on the Catwoman Costume Controversy from none other than Christian Bale

September 14, 2011

Selina Kyle: Fashionista Under the Mask has to be one of the most surprise-popular entries in this blog.  I only made that particular fashion spread because there was some disappointment with Selina dressed so casually on the cover of A Girl’s Gotta Protect Her Reputation (although to be fair, backstage and out of costume is a place for t-shirt and jeans… maybe one of these days I’ll add her show jacket.)  Anyway, looking at the popularity of those pictures and the upsurge in readers on stories mentioned where Selina’s wearing Chanel or the Dior Red Goddess #6*, it’s obvious there is a real desire for the classy Selina Kyle, who has been missing from non-Cat-Tales Catwoman appearances for far too long.

Which brings us to The Dark Knight Rises and these wonderful pictures of Anne Hathaway’s Selina, dressed to the nines for day and evening.

Selina Kyle, Fashionista, Sexy and Classy in The Dark Knight RisesSelina Kyle, Fashionista, Displaying her very sexy legs in The Dark Knight RisesSelina Kyle, Fashionista, Sexy and Classy in The Dark Knight Rises

In the words of the gal who sent me these, and believe me she speaks for all women :  I WANT THAT SUIT!  I know you guys will be more interested in that hailing a taxi long-shot that shows off Selina’s famously sexy legs, but I really wanted to include that OOC shot with the jacket off so you could see the beautiful lines of the sleeveless dress underneath.

Of course for evening, you want something more formal.

Selina Kyle, Fasionista, Elegant and classy in an evening gown, The Dark Knight Rises


The Catwoman Costume Controversy is ended thanks to Christian Bale, Batman and Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises. "Cape is not practical."Now, before we leave the set of The Dark Knight Rises and the subject of how Selina Kyle is dressed, I have some sad news for the goggles-are-practical crowd.  It is, quite simply, the final word on the Catwoman Costume Controversy, and it comes from none other than the Batman himself, starring as Bruce Wayne in all three Chris Nolan Dark Knight epics, Academy Award winner and my favorite human: Christian Bale.

“Let me say whichever superhero first came up with the idea of wearing a cape, he wasn’t really onto anything good. The number of times I’m treading on that damn thing or I throw a punch and it ends up covering my whole head. It’s really not practical.

That’s it, guys. Game over.  Either you must now get rid of Batman’s cape, or you have to come with some other reason you want Catwoman to wear Snoopy the Dog’s goggles, subverting the whole notion of what a mask is and how it works, while making her look like a bee.  Good luck with that.

The rest of you get some art:

The Catwoman Costume Question has been settled thanks to Christian Bale, Batman/Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises.   "The Cape is not practical."

Click for full-size (i.e. legible) image

And finally, for anyone who is still taking the whole thing too seriously, despite the send-up of Selina ranting against the Post-goggles in the last tale, you can now revisit the classic Clayface-as-Selina scene in print or ebook form.  Cat-Tales: Comedy of Errors is now available for download in print-quality PDF, Kindle/Mobi, and Epub the universal ebook format.  Enjoy.

*No, seriously, more people are currently asking which tales have the fashion plot points than which stories contain the suggestive Batman-Catwoman stuff.  *looks around, concerned* This is still the internet, isn’t it?

Chris Dee


Dear Santa, All I Want for Christmas is… Wait, does Barbie come with a latex catsuit?

September 1, 2011

catwoman-selina-kyle-anne-hathaway-princess-little-girls-castles-when-i-grow-up-i-want-to-be-2Goggles aside, Catwoman fans and Cat-Tales fans in particular have three very good reasons to be excited about Anne Hathaway playing Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises. We can’t know what’s in the script, naturally, but there were two recent episodes that lead me to believe that, as far as the actress is concerned, this is a Catwoman we can get behind.

Most of us made the acquaintance of the beautiful 28-year-old actress waaay back in 2001 when she starred opposite Julie Andrews in The Princess Diaries. At the time, Anne told Access Hollywood, “a lot of questions that I used to get asked were, ‘So, every girl when she grows up wants to be a princess, did you want to be a princess when you grew you?’ And I so wish I’d said what I felt back then, because the truth was, ‘No, I wanted to be Catwoman!’ And now I am… That dream came true, for sure.”

That’s it. Game. Set. Match.

She wanted to be Catwoman. The way some little girls dream of fairy tale castles, handsome princes, white weddings and My Little Pony (not necessarily in that order), some of us dreamed of being Catwoman. When modern comics have gone off the rails, it’s because they forgot that core truth: we want to be these characters. Look, up in the sky, it’s Superman! You’re a kid, you’re small, you’re weak. Imagine being able to fly! Imagine being strong enough to pick up a train and hurl it like a javelin! We grow up wanting to be these characters.

Ms. Hathaway has clearly not forgotten. “That dream came true, for sure.” So far, so good.

Now obviously there is only so much an actress can do if the material misses the mark. Back when Tim Burton was making Batman Returns, Sean Young was clearly in touch with her childhood dream to be Catwoman. Her stunts to get Burton’s attention got her a ‘crazy actress’ label and no role, but there is perhaps a better insight into the desire we girls have to become that powerful and sexy feline fatale than there is in what actually hit the screen. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Burton’s movies at the time, but his Gotham is, by his own admission “a freak show” and his Batman and Catwoman are the very much product of that era’s comics: damaged freaks that no sane person would want to be. His Catwoman’s power, like so much what comes out of the comics origins, is not a natural part of the woman animal. Selina isn’t simply beautiful and sexy and smart and strong because she is born that way. As if beautiful, witty and savvy women don’t occur in nature, her amazing power to make the Dark Knight… rise must be explained with an origin. It is, invariably, a reaction against oppression, exploitation, or abuse.

We’re getting back to Anne in a minute, I promise.

How exactly does a smart, sexy, witty and talented woman react when she’s been misrepresented in the press? When she is not a damaged psycho that can only snarl and hiss, when she has a sense of humor and a playful instinct for mischief? In Cat-Tales, Selina uses her celebrity as Catwoman to mount an off-Broadway show and uses that spotlight to call out the tabloids about the lies they tell about Batman, about Catwoman, and what really goes on in Gotham after dark.

It’s not exactly the same, but Anne Hathaway recently appeared on Conan and vented her frustrations with the paparazzi – seriously – in a rap in the style of Lil’ Wayne.

anne-hathaway-catwoman-selina-kyle-rapping-paparazzi-on-conanThat’s… Selina!

That’s my Selina. I don’t know what Messers Nolan, Nolan, and Goyer have written for her, but that woman could play the Selina Kyle of Cat-Tales without bothering to act.

Back when the casting was first announced, Christopher Nolan said when we see the movie in 2112, we will understand why Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy are perf…

Oh wait, I said three reasons, didn’t I?

Sexy. DC Comics is relaunching their universe today and the writer of their new Catwoman comic apparently used the word “sexy” 40 times in an interview. That shouldn’t surprise anyone outside of the comics world. Catwoman = sexy. Everybody knows that. And let’s face it, what we’ve seen of the zip-up biker chick outfit isn’t. But everything we have seen of Ms Hathaway exudes that confidence and good humor, that energy and vivacity that is the essence of sex appeal. I don’t know about still photos, but seeing her interviews of the past few weeks, I think the lady can be sexy wearing sack cloth.

So, Christopher Nolan said when we see the movie in 2112, we will understand why Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy are perfect casting as Catwoman and Bane. In the former case, he is 11 months ahead of schedule.

Chris Dee

Article first published as Santa, All I Want for Christmas is… Wait, does Barbie come with a latex catsuit? on Blogcritics.


“I was riding a motorcycle”

August 9, 2011

I was going to save my comments on the first official picture of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman (or at least as Selina Kyle) released over the weekend from The Dark Knight Rises website, and work it into a Cat-Tale like I usually do, but neither the current tale nor the  next one lends itself to that kind of aside.  So why wait?

Cat-Tales Intermezzo: The Goggle Picture


The Justice League transporter flashed in the Batcave and to the naked eye, it appeared Batman had started to move before he had completely materialized.  It was only long experience with the League’s teleportation process that enabled him to safely exit the pad before the system had powered down.  By the time the last reset light switched from red to green, he had completely scanned and searched the cave and was half-way up the stairs to the manor.

“Alfred!” he called out he instant he saw him—and before Alfred could process Bruce having come up from the cave in full costume.  “Is Selina home?  Has anything else happened?”

“Sir?  I believe she is in the morning room,”­ Alfred said blandly.

There was no answer, only the spectacle of Batman running at full speed across the great hall as if he was tracking down Joker.

“Catwoman!” he called out—although there was really nothing of her nighttime persona in the way she was reclining on the loveseat: her shoes off, feet up, and her laptop resting against her knees, no sign of anything feline anywhere around her.

­­She registered his costume instantly however and sat up at once, taking an earbud out of her ear and setting the laptop aside as she asked “What’s wrong?”

“When was the first time we met?”

“Excuse me?”

“First encounter.  When and where?”

“December 18th, Cartier.1  Why?”

“That’s your version, now the real one.”

“You mean your painfully literal male idea of ‘first time’ as—”


“Top of the train station, October 10th, don’t bellow at me,” she said as if it were one long word.

There was an infinitesimal release, the equivalent of an audible sigh of relief from anyone else.  Then he said “Let me see your sapphire.”

“Oh, that’s what we’re doing,” she said, holding out her hand.  “It doesn’t work that way, Bruce.  When I was dimension hopping into alternate timelines and parallel universes2, I found myself wearing whatever that world’s Selina Kyle put on that morning.  The subtle differences in the ring were how I knew I wasn’t on my world.”

“And if you were an alternate Selina, it would still be your ring,” he said evenly.  “But you wouldn’t have known about the dimension hopping.”

“Ah.  So did I pass the test?  Am I me?”

“Combination to the bedroom safe?”

“181-71-986, you changed it in May, now what’s going on?”

This time the exhale was audible, not an actual sigh, but still an audible expulsion of breath.  His body seemed to lose density, and for the first time, a hint of Bruce Wayne’s voice surfaced under the fierce Bat-gravel.

“Were you—I can’t believe I’m asking this—wearing goggles this afternoon?”

Selina stared.

“You mean in TriBeCa, I told you I had a little excitement coming out of Megu, some gunfire, tiny explosion and then I had to book it getting away from the—”

“Selina, you are currently the most downloaded fully-clothed woman on the internet.  There is a picture of you wearing goggles.  It’s getting so much traction it showed up on my media sweeps at the Watchtower.”

She tilted her head.

“Did you see the rest of that picture?  I was riding a motorcycle.  I had four Yakuza on my tail, the bike was there, the bullets were flying, the restaurant was ready to blow and—”

“But you’re wearing goggles.”

“I was riding a motorcycle.”

“But you hate the goggles.”

“I’d also hate grit, bugs and shrapnel flying into my eyes.  I’d really hate being blinded and crossing the center lane into an oncoming bus.”


“Don’t you wear goggles when you ride a motorcycle?”

“I have to get back.  Clark is covering for me.”

“You left monitor duty because of this?”

“Selina, do you think I can’t tell the difference between a photoshopped fake in the Gotham Post and the actual you wearing a pair of actual goggles?”

“I was riding a motorcycle!”

“I thought we had another cosmic crisis on our hands, alternate dimensions leaking through.  I thought you’d either been replaced by one of those AU dopplegangers, or you were both here and you’d be ready to kill her if you could track her down.”

Selina stared.

“I can’t believe you’re more worked up about the goggles than the fact that I stole a bike.”


The Catwoman of Chris Dee's Cat-Tales response to the picture of Anne Hathaway goggle costume from The Dark Knight Rises

1Cat-Tales #33: Cattitude, Selina’s Origin Story

2Cat-Tales #44: String Theory, the Cat-Tales Crisis Story


Selina Kyle: Fashionista Under The Mask

May 30, 2011

So two interesting pieces of news.  I’m told Anne Hathaway was photographed coming back from the London location shooting of The Dark Knight Rises, and that she has long hair.  That’s led to some speculation that at least Selina Kyle if not Catwoman herself will have long hair.  Here’s hoping.

But that’s not the real purpose of this post.  A reader mentioned on our fan page how Selina’s backstage look on the cover of Cat-Tales #1: A Girl’s Gotta Protect Her Reputation is more casual than he pictures the character.  Selina agreed and was happy to pose for a photo shoot at the Gotham Museum of Modern Art at the Cat-Tales Visitor Center in Second Life to show off the fashionista under the mask.

Selina Kyle Fashionista, Catwoman out of costume posing at the Gotham Museum of Art

Selina Kyle Fashionista: Click to view

Chris Dee

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The Dressing of Cats is a serious matter…

January 21, 2011

So it’s to be Catwoman and Bane in Dark Knight Rises… Meow!The Definitive History of Catwoman Costumes #1 Anne Hathaway

I haven’t put forth any opinion on Anne Hathaway simply because I know enough about actors to know what I don’t know. If it’s a bad actor (Katie Holmes) you can see a train wreck coming without knowing any particulars of the role. In all other cases, none of us out here have seen enough of most actors to know what they are capable of. You watch Mr. Mom, you would never dream Michael Keaton could play Bruce Wayne. You watch The Doors, you would never that dream Val Kilmer couldn’t. So good luck, Anne! I have already mentioned the je nes se qua of Selina, as I see her, is best seen in Jennifer Ehle’s Eliza Bennet. She is about 120% more alive than the rest of us, there is a core of fun, joy, and good humor that makes a perfect foil to the dour intensity of Mr. Darcy…

Now, performance aside, there has been a certain concern raised about her “Complexity” – non comics folks, let me explain. There is a particular idiocy among a certain subset of comics readers that think cup size is inversely proportional to a complex and sophisticated portrayal of the character. A curvy and bouncy Catwoman that men enjoy looking at can’t possibly be a serious, realistic and complex treatment of the character, because of course, big breasted women don’t exist in nature. Fear not, fellas. What you saw in The Devil Wear’s Prada is creative costuming. Anne Hathaway is plenty lacking in complexity.

So, that’s Anne. The first thing most of my male friends and readers brought up immediately after hearing the casting was – no surprise here– the costume. I can certainly appreciate the desire to start forming that mental picture asap, and since it’s going to be quite a while until we learn anything about the production, let’s have a little survey of Catwoman’s looks over the years.

As all Cat Fans know, Selina made her debut way back in Batman #1 as an uncostumed jewel thief known as The Cat. She was modeled after sex-goddess of the day, Hedy Lamarr, looked smashing in an evening gown, and the first thing Batman noticed was her very shapely legs. Her first “costume”consisted only of a full face furry cat-mask, which wasn’t exactly flattering.

Definitive History of Catwoman Costumes - The Cat

Definitive History of Catwoman Costumes - ClassicAlmost immediately she moved to the Classic Skirted Costume which is most familiar to modern fans from The Brave and the Bold cartoon. It is easily her most enduring look, having been the original costume in the 40s, returning in the 70s and remaining unchanged right up until Crisis on Infinite Earths, returning in numerous Elseworlds and other comic appearances since, and now in the Brave and the Bold and its related games and merchandise.

Now that’s the 4-color world. Up until Batman Returns in 1992, her best known look to non-comics fans was certainly Julie Newmar’s from the 1966 series, which the comics promptly copied, changing only the color.

Definitive History of Catwoman Costumes - Julie Newmar

Definitive History of Catwoman Costumes - Go Go BootsIn comics, the “Go Go Boots” look came next. It seems to be universally known as the Go Go Boots Catwoman despite the fact that the ’60s hair and domino mask version is actually wearing the low ankle boot more often associated with the Classic Skirted Costume. Go figure. In any case, like all bad hair and clothing choices of that period, it was quickly changed and forgotten – a lesson the present comics could learn from, god knows. Admit it was the quaaludes, change it back, and move on.

But back to Julie. I always say that a lot of boys became men watching her in that black catsuit, and in 1992 history repeated itself with Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman. The influence of the ’66 look can easily be seen, and the ’92 was in turn inspiration for Dolce and Gabbana interpretation in Vogue.

Definitive History of Catwoman Costumes - Iconic Body

That bring us, at long last, to the Jim Balent, the iconic look released on the cover of Catwoman #1. This costume drew upon the Classic Skirted Original, obviously, updating it for a more modern flavor while retaining all that connected Catwoman to her Bob Kane, Batman #1 roots.

Definitive History of Catwoman - Jim Balent

Batman the Animated Series wisely adapted it, opting (foolishly, IMO) to recolor for their Gotham palette which erred on the side of black.

Definitive History of Catwoman Costumes - Jim LeeThat brings us up to a present rife with mistakes. The less said of the Halle Berry disaster, the better. The movie was a mistake from start to finish, but more than a few industry watchers have observed that the multi-million dollar fustercluck could have been avoided if DC had admitted the disaster of their Volume II comic. If you put Catwoman on the cover – or the title of a movie – and you do not deliver a Catwoman story or the true Catwoman character within, then you will fail. The Darwyn Cooke goggled costume is a warning sign (Arkham City game designers, take note!) It means “This ain’t Catwoman.” It means you have been taking notes from the comics division which failed because it rejected, ignored, or tried to rewrite the DNA of the character and failed accordingly. Goggles mean you have probably got it wrong. You’re starting with two strikes against you. Even if the look were feline and attractive, you would not want that.

But it’s not feline. It’s based on Aviator Snoopy. I like Charlie Brown, don’t get me wrong. And I like his dog. But Snoopy the dog has nothing to do with Catwoman. So there’s that.

There is also the fact that they look markedly unattractive and bee-like. Jim Lee is the only artist on record who can make them kinda-sorta not nauseating, and he a) had scenes like this to work with, b) got them off her face every chance he could and c) is Jim Lee. Let’s face it, most of you aren’t. Nuff said about the goggles.

What the Nolan movie will do? We’ll have to wait and see, but there is a rich history to draw from. It should be fun seeing what they come up with.

Oops, almost forgot the Cat-Tales news!  A new tale has begun! Trophies from the Latin tropaeum, a prize, memento, or monument to an enemy’s defeat. Of course in the Batcave, it might mean something else.   We’re also just days away from a lifting that “Beta” tag on the iPhone front end, and making the catverse much more accessible to mobile readers (Yes, that means you Android and Windows Phone people too.)

Chris Dee

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