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Fools and Drama Queens, As Wrong About Gotham as They Are About Selina…

September 29, 2014

Those not expecting to buy a bridge in Gotham tonight are invited to peruse a Catwoman origin worthy of the character and meet a Selina Kyle with the class and background to make her Batman and Bruce Wayne’s equal.

“Characters come alive, and when you’ve read them, you’ll never read Batman the same way again… and you’ll understand that the comics (and movies) truly do have Catwoman all wrong.”

“Short few paragraphs brilliatly illustrate why this Catwoman is the real one and the rest are cheap imitations. She’s brilliant, ferocious, is not afraid of anyone, but is sharp enough to accurately assess everyone, including Batman, and handle them accordingly.”

“I’ve rarely come across an author that is capable of consistently delivering such pathos and insight into characters and through the lens of the minds eye, insight into ourselves.”

Yes, Cat-Tales fans, I was going to save this announcement but Cattitude will be the next audio book read by Caroline Sharp and when you hear this sample, you will see (hear) why I couldn’t wait to share.


Cat-Tales: Secrets now an Audio Book

January 5, 2014

The Book 2 Audio Book is here:


Cat-Tales: Secrets read by Caroline Sharp

Harry Houdini’s “Tome of Secrets” is being auctioned by the Wayne Foundation.  Zatanna’s come to town especially to buy it.  Riddler wants it too.

And oh yeah, it’s cursed.  This will be fun.

It’s Cat-Tales: Secrets read by Caroline Sharp.

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