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Gallery Spotlight: Perfect Gem

September 25, 2013

Gallery Spotlight: Perfect Gem

Perfect Gem by Shisa Ai in the Catwoman Black & White Gallery


Gallery Spotlight – Catwoman: Black & White

February 28, 2013

Today’s new tease from the Cat-Tales Gallery is actually a new artist and a new gallery!  Presenting Catwoman: Black and White by Shisa Ai.  You’ll be amazed how the true Selina comes through in this collection of dynamic, sexy and playful images and flowing, living lines.

Catwoman: Whipp It by Shisa Ai

Catwoman: Whipp It by Shisa Ai, signature image of the new gallery Catwoman: Black & White at


Gallery Spotlight: Catvid Floorsafe

October 26, 2012
Catwoman: Floorsafe

Catvid: Floorsafe

The Cat-Tales Gallery Spotlight “3D week” began featuring a sassy ‘Catvid’ of Selina in action, as captured by a security camera (that she obviously knew was there) and stored on the Bat Computer for Batman’s private perusal and, eh, “further study” (grunt).  We end the week same way with Catvid: Floorsafe.  This time, I don’t think kitty knew the camera was there, however.

Enjoy it now before Bruce changes his passwords.

(Oh, and Dick & Tim? Grounded for life.)


Gallery Spotlight: Late Night Withdrawal

October 24, 2012
Catwoman: Late Night Withdrawal

Catwoman: Late Night Withdrawal

Selina Kyle isn’t an ordinary example of that well-loved sexy cat burglar trope.  Let’s remember that she is one of the foremost art and jewel thieves in the world.  Here she is doing what she does best in today’s Gallery Spotlight: Late Night Withdrawal


Gallery Spotlight: Catvid-Now she’s just messing with me

October 22, 2012

Kicking off 3D Week in the Gallery spotlights with this little number from an artist called “Thundering Monkey*”

I call this one Catvid-Now she is just messing with me

I call this one Catvid-Now she is just messing with me

What’s remarkable here is the way this picture captures the playful nature, the style and sass that should be fundamental in any portrayal of Catwoman but eludes so many non-digital portrayals where it should be easy to convey. Missing there, but we’ve got it here, because TM is just that good.

Inspired by Catfight, where we learned that Batman has a number of security videos of Catwoman in action, the names of which indicate recreational rather than professional interest, such as Catvid-Legs.

*whom regular readers may remember from when his guest blog here Bad Yeti


Gallery Spotlight – Batman and Catwoman: The Kiss

October 18, 2012
Batman and Catwoman: The Kiss

Batman and Catwoman: The Kiss (watercolor)

Day before yesterday, the Gallery Spotlight was Batman: Patrol.  Yesterday was Catwoman: Kick Ass.

You had to know this was coming.


Gallery Spotlight: Gotham Queen

October 2, 2012
Catwoman: Gotham Queen

Catwoman: Gotham Queen by Anya Uribe

vo·lup·tu·ous adj. 1. Curvaceous and sexually attractive 2. Today’s Gallery Spotlight, Anya Uribe’s Catwoman: Gotham Queen

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