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New Cat-Tales Covers

June 4, 2014

A few of the original Cat-Tales covers were due for a new paint job.  (Just showed my age, didn’t I?  Some old covers were due to be reimagined for a new generation of readers.)  At least 3 were, and one was suggested as a write in for the Catwoman-in-the-Batcave Wallpaper poll (still running, vote now.)

JLAin't: Tales of the Justice League

JLAin’t: Tales of the Justice League

 JLAin’t was the very first Cat-Tales spinoff, taking the Cat-Tales sensibility, humor and take on the characters and revisiting some stories from the Watchtower POV, while also telling some original tales.  It’s a thoroughly entertaining mini-series and I’ve never known a reader who didn’t wish there were more.


Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle in Cat-Tales: Go Rin No Sho

Cat-Tales: Go Rin No Sho

Go Rin No Sho takes its titles from a 16 Century manual on Samurai sword fighting “The Book of Five Rings” by Miyamoto Musashi.  Naturally Bruce has made a study of it, applying its principles to the management of his double life in the same way Wallstreet’s Gordon Gekko applied The Art of War.   Like the original, Go Rin No Sho breaks down into a chapter of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Void – but the problem examined and the crisis Bruce faces has little to do with war.  The crisis he faces is that Selina has moved into the manor.  How can Bruce Wayne be a playboy with a live-in girlfriend?

Polishing Silver: The Journal of Alfred Pennyworth

“A real, meaningful, beautiful story showing just how that death affects all of the characters we care about, who have real feelings like real people, and like real people are interconnected by a complex web of emotions and relationships.”

Polishing Silver: The Journal of Alfred Pennyworth is on everyone’s Top 5 list, including mine.   ‘Nuff said.

Batman, Superman and Catwoman, the real Big 3, vs Luthor in Cat-Tales: War of the Poses

Cat-Tales: War of the Poses

Sly was just trying to get through the opening night of Vault without running out of bourbon.  He never meant to crown Catwoman “Queen of the Underworld” but somehow…   Thing is, the Lex Luthors of the world have a way of noticing stuff like that.

The War of the Poses cover, with Selina in that iconic skirted costume in a burning batcave, was the write-in suggestion from the poll.  Fear not, NostalgiCore, you will get your wallpaper also, but I decided if I was going to do it, we may as well have it for the cover of the story that inspired it.


Selina is Going Back to the Batcave and this time You Pick the Wallpaper

May 19, 2014

Several weeks ago I introduced a fun little picture for the scenes gallery called Coming to Bed Or Not?  inspired by a scene – or actually several different scenes – in various Cat-Tales.  What I learned from that little adventure is that the prospect of Selina in the Batcave is tremendously popular with many of you.  Also that you want wallpaper sizes and dimensions whether I think a picture’s PITA hologram is too grainy for HD or not.  Ok, message received.    More Selina in the cave.

To make it up to you, I’m going to let you decide what the next wallpaper will be.   I selected three stories that had Selina in the cave in a unique context, each with their own distinct flavor.  Identity Element, where she is researching the Justice League security system after the Dibny murder, Blueprints where the cave and its many secrets plays an important role in the search for some gold bars (and the reason for the search) and Not My Kink, where she’s taking over nightly patrols while Bruce recovers from an injury, even though it’s the dreaded C-word.

Not My Kink had the most diversity of tone, so the sample images are all inspired by that, but I’ve left open the option to write in suggestions from the other two.

Selina in the Batcave: my cave
Selina in the Batcave: Sexy Back
Selina in the Batcave:Log Entry
Selina in the Batcave: Lonely Cave
Selina in the Batcave: Just Me down here with the bats
Selina at Workstation One


Batcave Tech

May 5, 2014

Curious about those Data Wells in the Batcave?

The first one appeared, hexagonal, appeared in Chapter 1 of Inside an Enigma while Bruce was mulling over the Diamond Heist puzzle and again when Selina was making her plans for Riddler and Doris.  Some saw a similarity to the forensic investigation in Hush, but the truth is, the new toy wasn’t inspired by any comic book but by Tony Stark’s playroom  in the movies.  (Say what you want about Mr. Stark, he’s a billionaire with a knack for eye candy tech toys.)


Selina Kyle in the Batcave: Original Hexagonal Data Well from Inside an Enigma

Selina had a bit of Batcave-inspired tech in her new Cat Lair too, what Doris likened to an NSA Tech Bunker as pictured in movies and television. It had nothing to do with the data well, but was based on the configuration of Workstation One (Batman’s).


Catwoman using Batman’s workstation to make log entries when she takes over for him in Not My Kink.

Finally, in the new story Spontaneous Generation, Selina has been tinkering with the data well, reconfiguring the screens to be less claustrophobic. It caused a little buzz among readers, leading to these pictures.



Selina’s modification of the Data Well introduced in Spontaneous Generation


The Fool’s Day Curse is Broken

April 1, 2014

Every year it’s something. Cat-Tales has been taken over by the Metropolis Tourism Board and Ra’s al Ghul’s ninjas. We’ve seen Joker remake the whole website as Hyena Tales and some sick bastard made it into Chris’s House of Goggles. One year there were puppies. And one year a giant DC Comics logo loomed over the forum. (I won’t tell you which left a little puddle under the icons.)

This year, at last, we seem to have reached April 1 without ANYONE associated with Cat-Tales being messed with!


Coming to bed?

March 24, 2014

Coming to bed?

New in the Cat-Tales Scenes Gallery: Bruce and Selina in the Batcave in “Coming to bed or not?”

“Bruce, you’re putting me in an impossible position,” she said wearily. “Bed has to happen. Now, if you don’t want to get on board with this, I can fight you or I can tempt you—both are among Kitty’s favorite pastimes, as you know. But the thing is, I’m tired too and both of those are work. So why don’t we just agree that you come to bed now, and in the morning, I’ll tell you who engineered the Gardner Museum heist.” ~Selina Kyle, The Gotham Rogues

Something about a borrowed dress shirt, gets the job done every time.


Introducing The Walapang Protocol

March 7, 2014

One of the challenges with a series that’s been around as long as Cat-Tales is introducing new people without overwhelming them with it’s length.

Introducing The Walapang Protocol, it’s not just a free pass into the Batcave, it’s a way to meet characters one by one, in bite size snippets that give a a sense of the fun to be had. Bruce – we love him – but his files are a bit… one note. Seeing the Rogues and landmarks of Gotham City through Selina’s eyes will give newcomers some sense of the way Cat-Tales differs from all the dark and gritty Gotham-as-Mordor they’ve come to think of as Batman.


Backstage at the Batcave

March 6, 2014

Backstage at the Batcave

First look at the Batcave created for The Walapang Protocol… whatever that might be.

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