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Interesting Times

September 6, 2019

A serial killer is terrorizing Gotham, and when Mrs. Wayne left off, Gordon thought there was finally a break in the case, thanks to Oracle.   As the FBI, GCPD and Batman close in on their prey…

mrs wayne by chris dee part 3 interesting times

Oswald Cobblepot has things to do.  The focus shifts from the manhunt to a simple nightclub owner trying to manage his business while the city is scared stiff.

Mrs. Wayne Part 3: Interesting Times is now available on the main Cat-Tales website and mobile-friendly mirror


Sorry, Gotham Times, It Was Very Much Meant to Be

June 18, 2019

Cat-Tales readers were rightly confident that when the advertised wedding tale Ever Fixed echoed the ominous New York Times headline that spoiled Tom King’s headfake on a batcat wedding, history would not repeat itself.  The day the Times story broke, Chris Dee tweeted a message that she’d never broken faith with her readers

and that 17 years buys some leeway.  The wedding did come off without too many hitches, but the mystery of that headline was not explained.

The first chapter of the new tale finds the World’s Greatest Detective delving into the case, but he’ll only get so far before a deadlier mystery presents itself.

The murders are only beginning, and Chapter 2 is coming soon.

Cat-Tales 76 Mrs. Wayne

Bruce and Selina begin their married life together, but a killer stalks Gotham in the first post-wedding tale: Cat-Tale 76: Mrs. Wayne

h1 launches in response to Batman 50 “Batrimony” Spoilers

July 2, 2018

By now it’s no secret that the New York Times spoiled the events of Batman 50 yesterday. (Stop reading and go away for a few days if you don’t know this.)

Cat-Tales author Chris Dee quickly posted the following message to the “Batcat” community on social media:

and the promised website launched a little over 24 hours later,

Cat-Tales is usually described as fan fiction, though it’s more properly called meta fiction as Chris Dee is no fan of what DC Comics does with the characters it owns. The early stories in particular tend to use the fictional universe as sly subtextual commentary on the way the comics treats heroes, women and other issues.  But those editorials never dominate what is primarily good “between the panels” comedy, drama and romance.

Yes, romance, because the Batman/Catwoman relationship has been the heart of the series since its second installment and our recent #CoughDidItFirst infographic charts a few of the milestones where DC almost seemed to be following Dee’s lead.

With DC failing to follow through on what they so clearly promised creating a wedding album, 30+ variant covers, solicitations that all began “The wedding you never thought you’d see” and countless repetitions of “the Batrimony is real” in their promotional material, Cat-Tales recognizes a lot of very upset readers might be interested in a wedding that will happen for the characters, and more importantly, stories of the marriage that follows.

But how many will want to start with Cat-Tale #1 from 2001, 73 stories and a million words ago?  Some, perhaps.  But for others, some shortcuts have been provided. is offered as an introduction and portal for the new Cat-Tales reader, with reading lists for… well, not every attention span, but there are a number of alternatives for the plodding and for the impatient.


Batman and Catwoman are the property of DC Entertainment. Used without permission and for Fair Use purposes of artistic expression and social commentary relating to the use/misuse of these important social icons.


New Cat-Tale Teases the Catwoman Heist Readers Have Been Waiting For

January 11, 2017


The World’s Greatest Detective marrying the World’s Greatest Thief. There are only a few ways this story can end. All of them involve a heist…  Cat-Tales Pearl begins today on the main Cat-Tales website and mobile-friendly mirror,


Cat-Tales Top 15, Part 4

April 21, 2016

It’s Part 4 of Cat-Tales’ Anniversary Countdown, and a steamy moment certain fans have been waiting for with less than a Zen Master’s patience has finally made the list.


Cat-Tales Top 15 Moments (Part 4)




The Artist Known as Kyray is in the House

August 25, 2015

the-artist-known-as-kyray-is-in-the-houseTranslation: the new chapter is here, and the long awaited A MAN’S REACH exhibit at the Gotham Museum of Art will soon begin.

Knight of the Mirrors: Idolum on the Cat-Tales website and mobile-friendly mirror


Knight of the Mirrors 2: Putting It Together

August 12, 2015

“We’re going to need a protocol.  That wasn’t any Man of Steel going up to the Catitat, it was Clark the adorable, the dog person and the dork. And he wasn’t displeased; he was hurting.”


The new chapter is here!

Knight of the Mirrors Part 2: Putting it Together.  It’s not date night.
On the main Cat-Tales website and mobile-friendly mirror

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