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This Is Not the Start of a Beautiful Friendship

October 28, 2014
Poison Ivy in the new Batman/Catwoman story Cat-Tales: Spontaneous Generation

Poison Ivy in Cat-Tales: Spontaneous Generation

Just in time for Halloween, the horror tale Spontaneous Generation concludes in the final chapter: Part 6: Not the Start of a Beautiful Friendship and it’s going to be more final for some.

Spontaneous Generation is now available in its entirety on the Cat-Tales website and mobile-friendly mirror Cat-Tales mobi, and will soon be offered as a downloadable ebook and print-quality pdf.


Deep into That Darkness Peering

September 3, 2014

The new chapter is here. 
Spontaneous Generation 5:  Deep into That Darkness Peering on the Cat-Tales website and mobile-friendly mirror

Sweet dreams.


Keep Calm and Call Batman

June 2, 2014

The new chapter is here – SPONTANEOUS GENERATION, PART 2: Keep Calm and Call Batman.

Batsignal | Keep Calm and Call Batman

The story continues, and not a minute too soon as far as a certain member of the Z is concerned.  Available now on the Cat-Tales website and the mobile-friendly mirror


To some he was a fable…

May 20, 2014

To some he was a fable...

“To some he was a fable, to some a nightmare, to some a detective, a freak, a hero, or a demon. But to Catwoman, he had always been, well… hers.”
~Cat-Tales: Fool

In Fool Selina heads out of town, specifically to Atlantis, where Aquaman has a proposition that he’d rather not refer to as “commissioning a burglary.”  When she returns, a lot has happened.  The reunion with Batman is only the beginning.


“We fought each…

May 16, 2014

“We fought each other. And at times, we fought together. Shared time. Something grows between you. Whether good or bad, shared time creates an understanding. You come to know the essence of a person. The essence of Joker is madness. The essence of Superman is decency. The essence of Ra’s al Ghul is pride. The essence of Catwoman is… impossible to put into a word. But it is warm and alive and it draws something rich and joyful from the act of living.”

Cat-Tales: Go Rin No Sho
The Book of Five Rings: Samurai Manual of Combat Strategy. The problem? How can Bruce Wayne be a playboy with a live-in girlfriend?

“Always exposes something new and interesting about the Batman and the very real and vulnerable human that created him.”


The Fool’s Day Curse is Broken

April 1, 2014

Every year it’s something. Cat-Tales has been taken over by the Metropolis Tourism Board and Ra’s al Ghul’s ninjas. We’ve seen Joker remake the whole website as Hyena Tales and some sick bastard made it into Chris’s House of Goggles. One year there were puppies. And one year a giant DC Comics logo loomed over the forum. (I won’t tell you which left a little puddle under the icons.)

This year, at last, we seem to have reached April 1 without ANYONE associated with Cat-Tales being messed with!


Flash the Bat-Signal, Jim Gordon is back in Cat-Tales

October 8, 2013
Catwoman depicting shooting Commissioner Gordon on the cover of The Gotham Post

Cat-Tales began with this whopper in The Gotham Post

I’m often asked what I would do differently if I was starting Cat-Tales today. I tell them honestly: Not much, but the big difference is that James Gordon would be police commissioner.   Cat-Tales began when he had resigned after being shot in the ill-conceived Officer Down storyline, an event that was instrumental to getting that Runaway Snowball of WTFTM rolling that sparked A Girl’s Gotta Protect Her Reputation in the first place.

It was right for the time.  It was right for the Catwoman story being told, and it was right for the meta commentary on DC Comics that is the series’s raison d’etre.   But it’s not quite right for an ongoing Batman series.  For years, I’ve planted my flag on the principle that stories have certain elements that are not negotiable, and where Batman is concerned Jim Gordon is one of them.  That’s his chair.

He has been present in the series, as Barbara’s father and retired commissioner.  It’s been wonderful, because the decision and his status as a retiree brought a depth to his relationship with Bruce.  Still, I’ve missed him on that roof.  Four stories ago in The Gotham Rogues the first clue dropped:

The man who had served as police commissioner since Jim Gordon retired wanted Batman to know he was being vetted for a Presidential Appointment to the Department of Justice… In all probability, Gotham would have a new police commissioner by the end of the year.

From the beginning, Commissioner Muskelli was established as a political animal.  The change was easy to set in motion, and with so much drama in that tale, I trusted that the significance would be missed, or if noticed it would be quickly forgotten.  Things have developed slowly, through Wayne Rises and Inside an Enigma.  Now, at last, in the new story that begins today, Jim Gordon is back on the job.


Jim Gordon is back. When he resigned, Catwoman was an anonymous cat burglar. Now she’s Selina Kyle, living with Bruce Wayne, and running this company that’s messing with Ra’s al Ghul. There might be a learning curve.

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