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Catwoman: Her Own Law

October 2, 2018

In Cat-Tales: Gifts, Selina is found in the Museum of Modern Art before her first bachelorette night, “before the De Groupil that only she recognized as a series of joyous cat-scratches.”  The artist’s name was a shoutout to Erwan Le Goupil, AKA Entropist, who contributed The Real Gotham to our gallery last year.

Today, the Cat-Tales Gallery is privileged to reveal Le Goupil’s breathtaking and powerful new Catwoman portrait that evokes the Alex Ross Superman (and could easily be a variant cover for Cat-Tales: Not My Kink).


Cat-Tales Scenes

December 20, 2013

One of those facts of life certain creators would rather die than admit: some stories, some characters and some situations have more juice than others.  Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered and all of a sudden there are 78 proposals for Data-centric stories.  For Lt. Yar?  3.

In Cat-Tales, I’ve noticed the two stories that generate the most artwork and artwork requests are Not My Kink and The Gotham Rogues.  They’re the source for the chessmen and catarang that just went on display in the Virtual Visitor Center, as well as inspiring multiple images in the new Scenes gallery.

Yes, we have a Scenes gallery now, under Character Portraits, and let me explain why.  Consider Georgina Barnes, a cover that was introduced for Selina to infiltrate a few Wall Street firms in Not My Kink.  She resurrected the cover as part of the con in Electron 29 and maybe that’s what gave Bruce the idea to create Gina O’Malley in The Gotham Rogues.  Gina is a grifter Matches Malone was searching for who only becomes Georgina to get into places like BankLink and CashPulse.  Bruce said he only needed a few pictures for Matches to circulate as an excuse to get close to the Westies, but I think we all suspected the lady herself would be making an appearance before long at the Downpatrick Carpentry Club.

Bruce-and-Selina-as-Matches-and-GinaThat’s a complicated history to sum up in a traditional portrait, and so — new gallery.  In addition to Matches and Gina, we have another artifact from The Gotham Rogues – that famous chess board again, this time with Eddie waiting…

Riddler waiting for Batman in The Gothamm Rogues

Riddler waiting for Batman in The Gothamm Rogues

Did I mention that in addition to certain stories that keep turning up in the artwork, certain characters do as well.  You’d think it would be Harley or Poison Ivy but nope, it’s our anagraming Mr. Nigma.  Two wallpapers he appears in – scenes from Not My Kink (again) and The Gotham Post – are also linked in the new gallery.  As is… oh dear.


Zatanna and Riddler vying for Houdini’s Tome of Secrets in Cat-Tales: Secrets


Spotlight: Daughter of the Moon

June 9, 2013

Spotlight: Daughter of the Moon

After all the Bane yesterday, it’s time to reduce the testosterone levels around here. Selina: Daughter of the Moon by Remidar.


Gallery Spotlight: The Mad Hatter

April 30, 2013
Character portrait of Jervis Tetch, the Mad Hatter

“Calloo-Callay, I’m screwed I say.” -Jervis Tetch, Something Borrowed

Jervis Tetch, aka The Mad Hatter in Batman’s crime files, Gossip Gertie at the Iceberg Lounge.
Jervis’s most memorable appearance involved his Aunt Maud coming to Gotham. Auntie didn’t know he was a criminal and Jervis didn’t want her to find out. Zany hijinx ensued.
More recently in Comedy of Errors we saw inside his lair:

It wasn’t even the chess piece furniture that bothered Oswald, it was how… nice everything was. Meticulously clean, small and dainty ornaments arranged neatly in rows on the mantelpiece or in little groupings on the end tables, the whole place smelling faintly of blueberry jam… When all was said and done, it was a lot creepier than Jonathan Crane’s. The Scarecrow had skulls covered in corn husks hanging off little hooks. This place smelled like blueberry jam. It conjured images of some sweet old lady’s cabin you come upon in a childhood fairytale when you’re lost in the woods. She invites you in, since it’ll be getting dark soon, and has some homemade cookies just coming out of the oven. Before you know where you are, she’s after you with a hatchet wanting to bake you into a pie.


Gallery Spotlight: Clayface and Killer Croc

April 7, 2013

I don’t normally view Character Portraits as companion pieces, but these two for Clayface and Killer Croc have a similar visual structure: each character comprises only half the visual space, the story being less their physical bodies than their reaction to what’s on the other half of the screen.

Character Portrait: Matt Hagen as Clayface viewing an old movie poster - Matt Hagen as Grant Gifford in Advocate for Love

Matt Hagen: Then and Now

Matt Hagen as Clayface viewing an old movie poster – Matt Hagen as Grant Gifford in Advocate for Love. (“Spirited but derivative” -Roger Ebert, Metropolis Sun Times)

When I introduced Matt in Blueprints I borrowed an amusing character bit from Simon Brett’s Charles Paris.  Whenever he remembers a role he played, he mentally recites one or two of the reviews.  I had forgotten that we alluded to this with his character portrait, quoting none other than Roger Ebert.  RIP to that greatest of rarities, a critic we could all respect.

“I never have any trouble with Waylon since I showed him a picture of his head photoshopped onto a green crocodile Kelly bag.” -Selina Kyle, The Gotham Post


Guest Blog: Spotlight on Poison Ivy

March 15, 2013

If fan author and Blogtalk Radio host Allaine isn’t Poison Ivy’s greatest fan, he is certainly in the top three, so he was the natural choice to host a quick tour of the Poison Ivy pieces in the Cat-Tales gallery…

“Her skin is alabaster, not green.
She is a natural redhead, since henna is a plant.
Paper is murder.
Harvey Dent is a two-timing skunk.”
-The Ballad of Humoring Pamela, Awkward Pauses

Gallery Spotlight: Poison Ivy
by Allaine

As a reigning sex symbol in the DC Universe for two decades, Poison Ivy has long been a favorite subject of fan artists and cosplayers. Unfortunately, many of these people feel the need to deviate from the original design and put their own “twist” on it. Why tamper with greatness? Two artists who did not make this mistake can be seen in the Cat-Tales collection. Although Anya Uribe and Selina Enriquez’s styles are quite different, both zeroed in on and enhanced those elements that define Poison Ivy.

I was excited to compare and contrast two artistic takes on the character because – like Harvey, the man she can’t ever seem to move past – Ivy presents two faces to the world.

Pretty Poison by Anya Uribe

In “Pretty Poison” Anya Uribe gives us the gorgeous seductress who uses sex as a weapon, never shy about showing ample cleavage and skin – which we see here is obviously green, and not the alabaster Ivy insists it is.  Here Uribe emphasizes the soft, voluptuous curves of a sensual woman who has never needed to do the heavy lifting herself (and hence got that shapely ass handed to her in a catfight with Roxy Rocket in An Iceberg Tale)

Poison Ivy (pencils) by Selina Enriquez

Selina Enriquez, on the other hand, has created a Poison Ivy that alludes to the malicious killer who never shies away from violence against those she thinks deserve it – like when she held the Batman as a greened prisoner for days in Blueprints for the sole purpose of finding a way to kill Clayface.

While we still see her beauty, here we notice the narrowed, slanted eyes that suggest coldness and determination. Fittingly, for a woman who has always fancied herself part plant, it’s almost as if that plant is an outgrowth of her own body. This is a woman who isn’t just insane; maybe she isn’t completely human, and will never be like the rest of us. (But still insanely hot.)

Allaine is host of FemSlash4Fans on Blogtalk Radio and has authored fan fiction for Batman, DC Superheroes, Kim Possible, Justice League, X-Men, DC Elseworlds, Gargoyles, Once Upon a Time, Honor Harrington, 30 Rock, and The Devil Wears Prada.


Gallery Spotlight: Harley v. Harley (‘Cause why not?)

March 11, 2013

For no particular reason, a tour of the Harley Quinns in the Fan Art Gallery.

Harley Quinn Bust from Sculpture Gallery

Harley Quinn Bust by Ramesese

At one point when a reader was working on the Character Index, he discovered Harley appeared in more tales than any other supporting character.*

Character portrait of Harley Quinn at Joker's Ha-Hacienda

At the Ha-Hacienda, a Character Portrait

Why?  I don’t know.  Maybe because she’s such a lovable trainwreck.  I  mean, seriously…

Parody bodice ripper cover with Harley Quinn and Joker

How Harley apparently sees herself and Mistah J. “A Time To Laugh: A Harley Quinn Romance” from Fool

And here she is in civies. If you’re going to crash a society wedding to retrieve a bit of underwear that somehow got away from you when you were trashing the place with your psychotic boyfriend, maybe a) you should try to blend in a little more instead of wearing some clubbing dress…

Mrs Wayne by Remidar, inspired by from <a href=

Mrs Wayne by Remidar, inspired by from Dearly Beloved

… and b) Stay sober. I’m just sayin’

Joker and Harley Motivation Poster
*That count was made around Book 3, I think.  She still has the most appearances among the Rogues, but several Bat-family characters have since passed her.


Happy Anniversary, Cat-Tales

March 8, 2013

It was March 8, 2001 when Chris Dee posted Chapter 1 of Cat-Tales 1: A Girl’s Gotta Protect Her Reputation.  Today, the popular Bataman series celebrates its 12th Anniversary by cutting the ribbon on the new Fan Gallery on the Cat-Tales website.


“If you haven’t seen it (or haven’t been paying attention while I squee about it), we have new categories for Character Portraits, Sculpture, and even cosplay. If you HAVE seen the new gallery, you haven’t seen the new pieces – more from old favorites like Remidar and Anya Uribe, a brand new artist Shisa Ai making her debut on the Cat-Tales gallery with an exhibit of Catwoman: Black & White.”
–Chris Dee

As an added treat, the website has updated an old Ask Catwoman feature for the occasion, finally answering a question about the most-asked about topic: Selina’s cats Whiskers and Nutmeg.

Ask Catwoman


Gallery Spotlight: In the Dark / In Morning Light

March 5, 2013

The Bruce / Selina relationship is the heart of the Cat-Tales series, so it’s no surprise that there’s a wide variety of Bruce & Selina and Batman & Catwoman images from the artists who’ve contributed to the fan gallery.  They’re all amazing and it’s nearly impossible to single out a favorite.  Yet, of all the artists inspired by the Bat/Cat dynamic, few capture that special something like Remidar, in both moments of joy and moments of despair.

Enjoy these stunning companion pieces:

Bruce & Selina: In The Dark

Bruce and Selina huddled in the rainin Crime Alley

Bruce and Selina had been dating for nearly a year before she experienced her first “Hell Month,” the changes Bruce experiences in the weeks leading up to the anniversary of his parents’ murder in Crime Alley in Times Gone By

And Bruce & Selina: In Morning Light

Bruce & Selina: In Morning Light by Remidar

Bruce asked Selina to move in at the end of Book 2, and she’s been living in Wayne Manor since Highland Games at the top of Book 3. So there is no shortage of bedroom scenes in the course of the tales.


Gallery Spotlight – Bruce & Selina: Before Dawn

February 27, 2013

The Bruce/Selina relationship is the central core of Cat-Tales, and Remidar is a fan favorite of the artists featured in solo galleries on the CT website.  So the news that there are five new pieces by Remidar in the ongoing updates is big.  The news that most of them feature Bruce and Selina together is bigger.  Enjoy…

Bruce and Selina Before Dawn by Remidar

Bruce and Selina: Before Dawn by Remidar

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